Gwangju fencing hopefuls sweep top spots in team competition at National Boys’ Championships

The Gwangju Fencing Dream Team, which participated in the National Boys’ Championships, swept the top spots in the team competition, establishing the pride of the city’s fencing reputation.

The fencing events, which were held as a preliminary competition before the start of the Boys’ Games, were held from the 21st of this month until yesterday (24th).

As a result of the competition, Gwangju Athletic Middle School took second place in the boys’ middle school epee team category, Gwangju Geumdang Middle School took third place in the boys’ middle school foil team category, and Gwangju Hanam Middle School and Pungam Middle School took third place in the boys’ middle school sabre team category.

Gwangju had 12 male and 11 female fencers compete in the fencing events at the Boys’ Championships, and each school took top spots, raising the profile of fencing in Gwangju.

As a result, the Gwangju team won two silver and four bronze medals in the overall competition.

An official from the Gwangju Fencing 메이저사이트 Association said, “The student athletes received good grades for their hard work, and we will strive to achieve better results in the remaining competitions after the Boys’ Championships.”

Kim Chang-seung, president of the Gwangju Fencing Association, expressed his congratulations, saying, “I would like to thank and applaud the athletes and their coaches for raising the honor of Gwangju.”

Meanwhile, with the exception of some sports such as fencing, the main events of the Boys’ Games will be held in Ulsan for four days starting on the 27th.

The annual event is organized to raise the sportsmanship of aspiring athletes, identify talented athletes early, and enhance the international competitiveness of Korean sports.

Gwangju has dispatched a 1,030-member team, including 655 athletes and 375 officials, to compete in 32 sports except canoeing, sailing, triathlon and horseback riding.

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