He even had a misrepresentation of “Worst Invasions” E-Land and “Kim Do-kyun’s favorite.”


The storm recruitment of Seoul E-Land continues. It even added a misidentification mark that can pull off all the sides.
An official familiar with the K-League transfer market said, “E-Land has confirmed the recruitment of Oh In-pyo. An announcement will be made soon.” Oh In-pyo, who was with head coach Kim Do-kyun at Hyundai Middle School and Suwon FC, moved to E-Land and continued his relationship with head coach Kim.

E-Land, which appointed Kim Do-gyun as its head coach after the Samgook initiative, has made massive changes this winter. E-Land, which is seeking promotion to the 10th anniversary of its foundation, succeeded in recruiting the star. Starting with Osmar, who was a “Seoul legend,” E-Land recruited Kim Oh-gyu and Kim Young-wook, who have long experiences in the K-League. On top of that, E-Land brought Peter and Park Min-seo, who received good reviews in the K-League.

He recruited evenly throughout the entire position, but the concern was on the right side. Coach Kim has three backs in mind as his main formation this season. Compared to the left side where Park Min-seo joined, the right side was disappointing. Coach Kim searched for an aggressive right wingback and put several players on the net. 헤라카지노주소

Oh In-pyo from Hyundai Middle School and Hyundai High School was a prospect that Ulsan HD was paying attention to. Oh In-pyo, who joined Ulsan in 2018, immediately left for a loan to LASK Linz, Austria. Oh In-pyo, who was completely transferred in recognition of the possibility of his first year, rented to FC Unios in Part 2, a satellite club of LASK Linz. He played steadily, but he was not called up to LASK Linz.

Eventually, he returned to his hometown of Ulsan in January 2022. Oh, who was playing as a backup for Kim Tae-hwan in Ulsan, left for Suwon FC in 2023. Oh, who played as a wingback, fullback, and winger, did not meet initial expectations, but he emerged as a key member of Suwon FC in the second half of the year. He showed good performance by establishing himself as a fullback. His unique breakthrough also revived. Oh also led Suwon FC to remain as a member of the league by showing strong performance in the playoffs.

Oh In-pyo returned to Ulsan after his lease at Suwon FC, but there was no place to stand. With Kim Joo-hwan coming in from Cheonan City FC, his position was further reduced. Coach Kim reached out again. The problem was the military enlistment. Oh In-pyo, who is the last year to join the military in Sangmu, was seeking to join the military in April. As a result, recruitment of Oh In-pyo seemed to be going away, but E-Land decided to hold Oh In-pyo because he thought there was no such resource.

Kim plans to use Oh In-pyo, his favorite player, as the core of his right flank. He will also use him as a winger depending on the situation. E-Land plans to add one or two more spots and complete the transfer market. E-Land will leave for Thailand, its training site, on Wednesday.

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