Home runs increase in summer


Home runs increase in the summer heat. It is hard on the body due to the scorching heat, but it is a weather in which baseball fans can expect a home run.

The Washington Post (WP), an American daily, reported on the 9th (local time) that home runs are increasing in the Major League Baseball (MLB) of the US professional baseball. did.

It is known that warm and humid air is less dense, so baseballs fly farther as the temperature and humidity increase.

The Washington Post, which analyzed MLB data, confirmed that batted balls fly far in the summer.

The number of home runs also varied depending on the weather. Since 2006, the average number of home runs per game has been 2.1 in April and May. Entering the summer season from June to August, the number increased by 0.1 to 2.2.

The average distance hit also increased over the summer. The average distance of a ‘barreled ball’ is 387 feet (about 118 m) in April and May. From June to August, it increased by about 1m to 390.6 feet (about 119m).메이저놀이터

According to MLB, a ‘good ball’ must hit the bat at a speed exceeding 98 miles per hour (157.7 km), and the launch angle must fall within a certain range according to the batted ball speed.

For example, a ball hitting 98 miles per hour must have a launch angle between 26 degrees and 30 degrees to be recognized as a ‘good hit’, and a ball hitting 99 miles per hour (159.3 km) must have a launch angle between 25 and 31 degrees.

Looking at the MLB record this year, the average hit hit was 385.5 feet (117.5 m) from April to May, but increased to 387.3 feet (118.0 m) from June to early July.

Home runs per game also increased from 2.30 from April to May to 2.34 from June to early July.

Summer is the right time to hit a home run.

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