“I made another trouble with the vicious Balotelli.” Lighting firecrackers with a lighter → Throwing them in the locker room


Valotelli made an accident with firecrackers this time.

British media “Sports Bible” reported on the 7th (Korea time) that Mario Balotelli, who has a history of fireworks, was caught throwing firecrackers in the Adana Demirspor locker room.

Valotelli, who played for Manchester City, Liverpool and Inter Milan, joined Turkiye league Demirspor last summer after his contract with Swiss club Sion was terminated, and has been playing as a mainstay and scoring many goals again in confidence.

Valotelli has scored five goals in nine league games for Adana Demirspor so far this season. In his second heyday in Turkiye, Valotelli had another mishap. His misbehavior was related to firecrackers, which had been controversial before.

In the video, Valotelli lit a small firecracker and threw it into the locker room. He blocked his ears right after the throw, and the fireworks exploded, astonishing all the players in the locker room. This is not the first time Valotelli made headlines by setting off fireworks. In an interview with Sports Bible in 2019, former Manchester City teammate Micah Richards recalled another fireworks incident.

Richarz said, “Balotelli actually came to my house a few weeks before the firecracker incident and set off another one at my house. I was like, ‘You know this isn’t allowed, right? What the hell are you thinking?’ He thinks everything is funny. 업소알바 That’s why I really like him. He doesn’t take life too seriously.”

As Micah Richards said, Valotelli set off firecrackers at her home two weeks ago, and two weeks later, a cracker exploded in the bathroom, sparking a fire in Valotelli’s home. Valotelli later denied his actions.

Valotelli wrote, “The newspaper incorrectly reported that my house was on fire. I didn’t set off the fireworks, it was my friend’s doing. I didn’t know anything until I heard screaming in the bathroom. Fortunately, no one was hurt and my friend apologized for causing damage to my house.”

He continued, “It was absolutely ridiculous. I was really angry because someone could have been hurt.” He burned down his house even though it was not his and received a £400,000 (about 678 million won) bill from his landlord for repairs.

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