I was jealous of LG’s win, but I didn’t want to lose even more.” It’s not over until it’s over, the reason the captain gritted his teeth to keep KIA’s hopes of reaching the top five alive.


 KIA Tigers ‘Captain’ Kim Sun-bin has not yet given up hope for the top five. I gritted my teeth even more. And he led the great comeback.

KIA won a 3-2 comeback win against the LG Twins in the final match between the teams held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 6th. With this, KIA escaped two consecutive losses and recorded 67 wins, 2 draws, and 67 losses. Also, they finished with an advantage over LG with 9 wins and 7 losses.

The solution was the captain. Kim Sun-bin, who showed off his excellent skills several times on this day and solidly blocked the infield, also scored a hit in the attack.

In the top of the 8th inning, when the score was down 0-2, he hit a timely hit against Baek Seung-hyun, a pitcher who had been switched at second and third base with one out. With this hit, both runners hit home and succeeded in turning the score around 3-2.

KIA, which successfully blocked two attacks in the bottom of the 8th and 9th innings, finished with a double victory.

With the win on this day, KIA put pressure on 5th place NC by 3.5 games.

Kim Seon-bin, whom we met after the game, reflected, “(Park) Jeong-woo did a great sacrifice bunt in front, so I went in with the idea of ​​tying the score at bat. I think it was a hit because the course was good.”

Today was the day of LG’s victory party. At the time Kim Sun-bin was being interviewed, the LG players were wearing their championship t-shirts and celebrating.토토사이트

Kim Sun-bin, who saw this from the third base dugout, couldn’t have been happier.

He said, “I’m jealous. (Miss) Hyunjong said he was jealous of me. So he didn’t want to lose anymore today.” He continued, “The manager also talked to me yesterday. He told me not to give up until the end. Hyeonjong delivered the message as the fielder and pitcher.”

KIA now has 8 games left. Hopes for the top 5 are not over.

Kim Sun-bin said, “We have to keep playing until the end. There are games left and the fans will come, so I told the players to do their best and have fun playing baseball. I told the young players to have fun playing baseball. As players got injured, the atmosphere got worse. “It is true, but I hope the young players will have fun playing baseball without worrying about what others think,” he said as captain.

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