“I won’t take out money even if I’m hard-pressed… Because I love Barcelona that much.”


Xavi Hernandez, who leads FC Barcelona, is becoming narrower.

Xavi, a former legend of the club, won La Liga last season, but he has been criticized by the team leaders and fans for his disappointing performance and performance this season.

On the 15th (Korea Standard Time), he missed his first trophy of the season as he was completely behind in the final match of the Supercopa de España (Spanish Super Cup) against his archrival Real Madrid.

Xavi allowed a 1-4 defeat in an incomprehensible use of players.

In particular, central defender Ronald Araujo, who has been good at blocking Vinicius Funior from the past, was used as a right fullback to try for the same result, but Real coach Carlo Ancelotti instructed Vinicius to move to the center rather than directly competing with Araujo, completely destroying Chavi’s defensive tactics.

The move was too obvious. In the end, Barcelona allowed Vinicius to score two goals in the 10th minute of the first half, sinking in the early hours.

His performance in the league is also not good. Barcelona, which has yet to secure a clear victory against weak teams, lost the top two spots in the league to Girona and Real, respectively, and lost the third place to Atletico Bilbao, which are tied in points. Considering that it had a 3-2 victory over fourth division team Barcelona in the third round of the Copa del Rey (FA Cup in Spain), it is unlikely that Barcelona will win the title this season.

In response, Barcelona President Juan Laporta indirectly warned Xavi’s replacement, saying, “The defeat will have consequences,” adding, “If Barcelona fails to produce the desired performance this season, it will make a big difference to the club.”

Xavi signed a contract with the club until 2025, but this is a gesture to unilaterally notify the club of its dismissal. However, such dismissal could lead to lawsuit regarding payment of penalty. Coach Kiquet Setien, who was dismissed after failing to take the helm for even a single season in 2020, went through legal proceeding on the grounds that Barcelona did not pay penalty.

However, it was analyzed that Xavi would not request a lawsuit with the club or pay a penalty.

Spanish media As reported on Sunday that Sabi does not want to give Barcelona trouble. He hates legal action even more. “Since Barcelona fans are the most important, even if he is dismissed, he will blame himself and will not hold the club accountable.”

In other words, Xavi is ready to leave quietly even if he is replaced. 월카지노

“If Xavi doesn’t have a trophy (at the end of the season) in June, he will make a decision for the future of the club through a meeting with Laporta,” As said. “At this time, Xavi can show his mercy to the club by reminding that the club takes precedence over anyone else. Therefore, even if Barcelona decides to dismiss him, Xavi will not take any issue with it.”

Considering that Xavi rushed to his former team’s call after serving as a coach at Al-Sad in Qatar, Xavi is the last gift that he can give to the team. When Xavi came to Barcelona, he gave up a significant portion of his salary but took the helm of his former team.

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