“I’m sorry for the many times I couldn’t run.” Ji Dong-won says goodbye to FC Seoul fans


Ji Dong-won (32), who finished accompanying FC Seoul, said his last goodbye to his fans.

Ji Dong-won wrote on his social media (SNS) on the 3rd, “As an FC Seoul player, I was so happy to say hello to you at the stadium,” adding, “Of course, there were many difficult times, but I was able to feel proud as a member of FC Seoul and it was a time to learn life.”

“I am very sorry and disappointed because there were so many times when I could not play in the stadium for a long time, which was two years and six months. Nevertheless, I thank you so much for giving me such an undeserved award,” he said. “I will carry with me happy memories of laughing, talking, fighting with my teammates, and enjoying the victory with my fans. I will cheer for you anytime, anywhere.”

Earlier on the previous day, the Seoul club officially announced its breakup with Ji Dong-won through the expiration of his contract through its official channel. Not only Ji Dong-won but also Bjorn Johnson, Chung Hyeon-cheol, Kang Sang-hee, Kim Jin-seong, Kim Sung-min and Kim Yoon-kyum ended their companionship with Seoul. 헤라카지노

Ji Dong-won, who joined Seoul in July 2021, appeared in 25 K-League games and scored two goals and two assists in two and a half seasons. When he joined Seoul after finishing his European career, he had a lot of expectations, but he was often excluded from the field due to major and minor injuries, so he could not play on the ground for much time.

He rarely played since the opening of the season last season, but only increased his playing time after mid-August, contributing to his team’s offense. In October last year, he scored the winning goal to lead his team’s victory in two years while wearing a Seoul uniform in the match against Gangwon FC, and added one assist in the final match. In particular, after scoring a goal for the first time in a long time in a match against Gangwon FC, he made headlines as a ceremony expressing regret to Seoul fans.

Earlier, Ji Dong-won joined the Jeonnam Dragons in 2010, scored eight goals and four assists in the K-League, and became the top scorer (five goals) in the FA Cup. After joining Sunderland (England) in June the following year, he went to Augsburg, Dortmund, Mainz05, Darmstadt and Braunschweig (Germany). After leaving Seoul, his future destination is undecided.

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