Is KKKKKKKKK a piece of cake for the 95.5 billion won Japanese ghost pork bowler? I did 12K too but what


 Is KKKKKKKKK a piece of cake? I did 12K, but what?

Senga Kodai (30, New York Mets) has a good start in the second half. On the 16th (hereinafter Korean time), Senga started in the 2023 Major League Baseball home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers held at Citi Field in Flushing, New York, USA, and gave up 4 hits, 9 strikeouts, 2 walks and 1 run in 6 innings.

He did not record a win or loss as he did not receive support from the batting line. Still, he has a good start in the second half. In the 2nd game in July, 8 hits (2 home runs) in 14 innings, 21 strikeouts, 4 walks, 2 runs, 1 win, 1.29 ERA. His nine strikeouts aren’t too surprising. This is because he already struck out 12 against the Tampa Bay Rays on May 18 and against the Arizona Diamondbacks on the 6th.

In the first inning, Senga struck out 1 out 1 baser Freddy Freeman with a 97 mph four-seam swinging away. Shortstop double kill with a cutter on Will Smith. He sealed his main weapon forkball, except he only used one on leadoff Mookie Betts. After one out in the second inning, he continued to use a forkball against JD Martinez, and the match with a 97-mile four-seam led to a right-handed hit. However, he struck out looking David Peralta on a 97 mph four-seam and struck out Jason Hayward on a forkball swinging and missing.안전놀이터

After two outs in the third inning, Betts hit a superior solo shot while putting a 98-mile four-seam. However, he struck out looking with a forkball to Smith with 2 out and 1 base. In the 4th inning, Max Muncy and Martinez struck out consecutively with a forkball and cutter. He also struck out Hayward and James Outman in the fifth on a forkball and 97 mph four-seam. The 6th inning with 1 out and bases loaded is the biggest crisis of the day. However, after striking out Martinez on a swing with a forkball, Peralta induced a pitcher’s ground ball with a cutter, and did not concede.

Senga is seventh in the National League with 122 strikeouts. He’s not even close to a title, but he strikes out the most among Asian pitchers in the National League. There was a finger issue during the demonstration game, but he diligently digests the rotation in the season.

Senga has a unique hit product called ghost pokeball. He has a large drop and digs into the inside and outside of batters freely. However, his 97-98 mph four-seam and cutter are powerful enough. Although the Mets have been in ‘exploitation’ mode this season, it is comforting to have Senga rescued on a five-year, $75 million contract. 7 wins, 5 losses, 3.20 ERA in 17 games this season.

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