It’s time to throw away Japanese-style konglish ‘Sinferio’


The most commonly used provisional handicap application method for amateur golf tournaments in Korea is ‘New Perio’.

However, since this term originated in Japan and is only used in Korea as a Konglish for ‘New Peoria’, it is time to throw it away.

If you look up Sinferio in Naver’s dictionary, ‘Select a hidden hole of 12 holes so that the total par is 48, and after the game is over, the total score for the 12 holes is multiplied by 1.5, and the handicap is 80% minus the par of the course. method of calculation’. You can hear American, British, Australian, and even Indian pronunciations. But there is no excuse. Because it is an unused expression.

Naver cites Golfzon’s explanation of terms as a source. Golfzon wrote the description as previously defined by the Korea Golf Association (KGA). KGA, which has long posted the term ‘Sinferio method’ on its website, no longer uses it as it applies the World Handicap system from this year.

‘Peoria’ is the name of a city in Illinois, in the Midwest of the United States. The Oxford English-Korean Dictionary says ‘a small city in Illinois, United States. The opinions of the people who live there are considered typical opinions’.

Peoria has long been regarded as a barometer of public opinion, representing the American Central culture that is considered ‘mainstream’ in terms of demographics and geography in the United States. During the presidential election, broadcasters used to predict public opinion here.

Peoria was an exit poll area. Musicians such as comedian Sam Kinnison, Bob Dylan and Metallica used to start touring here. However, over the years, the perception that Peoria represents American public opinion has faded.

So, in golf, the Peoria method was a method of inferring the whole based on partial hole scores when participants did not have an official certificate such as a handicap in a group golf event.

The Peoria Handicap application method is easy to calculate. 6 holes (1/3 of 18 holes) for which the sum of strokes is 24 are randomly selected by the competition committee. After the game is over, multiply the score of 6 holes by 3 and subtract the par of the course from that, and that is your handicap. The six holes correspond to two par 3s, 4s and 5s on an in-out course. For example, if the number of strokes for 6 holes is 30, multiply by 3 to get 90, and subtract 72 from this to get 18, which is the player’s handicap that day.

The New Peoria method, which doubled the random number of holes to 12, was found to be insufficient for estimating the handicap with only 6 holes. Select a hidden hole of 12 holes (rather than making 12 par 4 holes, make 48 by equally inserting 2 par 3 and par 5 holes) so that the sum of par is 48, and add up the score for 12 holes after the game is over. is multiplied by 1.5 and the handicap is 80% minus the par of the course.

USGA’s Modified Peoria Method.

The USGA proposes a ‘Modified Peoria’ system, as if it felt that even New Peoria was complicated. The competition committee member arbitrarily adds up the over par for the 6 holes. Here, the maximum number of strokes for par 3 and 4 holes includes only up to 3 over par, and up to 4 over par for par 5 holes. Multiply the combined at-bats by 2.8 and subtract from the actual at-bats for the day, and that’s your net score. 바카라사이트

For example, if a person who shot 98 has a total over par of 11 over 6 holes, multiply by 2.8 to get 30.8. So 98 strokes minus rounded 31 gives a net score of 67 strokes.

As the golf population is large and the country’s status has risen, Korean golf must now be played at the global standard. A group team went to Southeast Asia and held a golf tournament, but will the employees blame them for not even knowing the Sinferio method? Wouldn’t it be better to use a common standard term that works in English-speaking countries now?

A handicap certificate that is being distributed this year.

The problem arose because the golf handicap system had not been established in Korea. In Germany, you start playing golf with an official handicap from when you start learning golf like a driver’s license.

In the southern hemisphere, such as Australia and New Zealand, regular golfers use the Stableford method, which requires an official handicap to play. Some prestigious European golf courses require a handicap certificate.

A handicap certificate should be considered as essential to a golfer as a car licence. The World Golf Association is distributing the ‘Golf Handicap & Information Network (GHIN)’ program as the ‘World Golf Resident Registration Card’.

This year, KGA, Naver, and Smart Score decided to distribute handicap certificates for Korean golfers. If everyone had an official handicap, which is an identification card for golf, there would be no Japanese-style Konglish like ‘Sinferio’.

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