Jeju’s Koo Ja-cheol regains his uniform number 7 after 13 years


Professional soccer K League 1 Jeju United veteran Koo Ja-cheol (34) regained his symbolic number 7 after 13 years.

According to the 2023 team uniform number released by Jeju on the 22nd, Koo Ja-cheol will wear the number 7 uniform this year and walk around the ground.

Koo Ja-cheol returned to the K-League last year and played with number 42, his uniform number during his rookie year. Koo Ja-cheol, who predicted a revival this season, chose the number 7 again this time, which he had worn when he was at his best in Jeju.

Last year, Jeju number 7 was side striker Cho Seong-jun. Koo Ja-cheol got the number 7 when Cho Seong-jun moved to FC Anyang in the second division at the beginning of this year. Koo Ja-cheol, who wore number 7 in Jeju until just before advancing to the German stage, played 88 games from 2007 to 2010, scoring 8 goals and 19 assists.

Koo Ja-cheol predicted his performance this season. At the Hana 1Q K-League 2023 Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the Seogwipo Hotel in Jeju on the 7th, Koo Ja-cheol said, “I had the idea that I should always be careful about injuries, but while taking care of my body, I digested training well in terms of muscles and conditions and returned to Korea.” “So I’m sure it will help the team if I can stand on the pitch consistently without getting injured,” he said.

Jeju coach Nam Ki-il is also looking forward to Koo Ja-cheol’s performance. Coach Nam said at the media camp, “I’m doing well in winter training this season, so I’m maintaining a good condition that many people can expect.” I like it a lot, so I expect it to show a good performance on the pitch.”

In addition, Jeju captain Choi Young-jun (No. 6), Kim Dong-jun (No. 1), Lee Chang-min (No. 8), Jeong Woon (No. 13), Ahn Hyun-beom (No. 17), Kim Ju-gong (19), Kim Bong-soo (No. 30), etc. There is no significant change in the player’s uniform number.

Lim Chae-min, who was recently recruited, wore the number 26 he wore during the K-League. Yeon Je-woon (3), Yuri (9), Hayes (10), Kim Seung-seop (11), Kim Hyung-geun (21), and Lee Ju-yong (32) also received their preferred number. Ling, who wore number 10 last year, gave up his uniform number to Hayes and chose number 15 to achieve his goal of 15 attack points. 온라인카지노

The owner of number 31 does not change either. Jeju missed number 31 for one season in the 2023 season to pray for the recovery of Yeon-soo, who is working hard on rehabilitation after suffering an unexpected car accident last year. Number 31 is the uniform number that Yoo Yeon-soo has been using since his professional debut in 2020.

Captain Choi Yeong-joon said, “As a captain, I am very proud that all of the players have the mindset of thinking about Yeonsu and have the mindset to play together.”

Director Ki-il Nam said, “From the uniform number decision, the trust and trust between the players can be seen.” “This year, all members of Jeju will play with Yeon-soo. I wish Yeon-soo a speedy recovery.”

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