Ko Woo-suk in shock of “West End to East End” is yet to join Miami Triple-A… Will he do well in Jacksonville?


Ko Woo-suk was virtually abandoned by the San Diego Padres.
San Diego made a trade to send four players, including Ko Woo-suk, to the Miami Marlins to recruit Luis Arraez.

It turned out that the San Diego leadership’s words “will help our team this year” were falsehoods.

San Diego is said to have sought to recruit Arraez from spring training. It is known that specific cards were exchanged in the Seoul Series, and it came to fruition about a month and 15 days later.

Ko Woo-seok couldn’t throw a ball in San Diego and went to another team.

Ko Woo-suk challenged the Major League with a posting system, but signed a two-year $4.5 million guarantee with San Diego just before the deadline.

Due to the late contract and the late visa, the departure from the U.S. was somewhat delayed.

Slow starter Ko had a hard time in spring training. San Diego was taken aback by the inconsistent pitching. He was seen as a pitcher who could compete with his team to finish the game.

When Ko was also sluggish in the Seoul Series special game, the San Diego Padres sent Ko to Minor League Double-A. In fact, he was immediately excluded from the list of players.

Ko was also sluggish in Double A. His pitching continued. His ERA was high in the four-point range.

In the end, San Diego agreed on the 4th (Korea Standard Time) to give Go Woo-suk and three prospects to Miami and receive Arraez, the “hitting king” he wanted so much.

When the trade became official on the 5th, San Diego immediately used Arraez as the first hitter against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Ko is known to have packed his bags while waiting in Texas.

The Jaxville Jumbo Shrimp, a Miami Triple-A team, is in Jacksonville, Florida.

As of the 5th, Ko Woo-seok’s name is posted on the Zacksville website and it is listed as “not yet joined.”

As a result, Ko Woo-seok was promoted from Double A to Triple A on paper. 토토사이트

San Diego, the western tip of the United States, passed through the central part of the country to the eastern tip.

Ko Woo-seok has been playing in Triple-A for the time being and is waiting for a Miami big league call-up.

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