Lee Chun-soo, who was fresh 20 years ago… Summon from Sociedad days


Commentator Lee Chun-soo (41) made a ‘surprising’ appearance on the official social network service (SNS) of the Spanish Primera Liga. When he was playing for Real Sociedad 20 years ago, he was summoned with a picture of his fresh and youthful appearance, and he is attracting attention.

Primera Liga posted a picture of the commentator wearing a Real Sociedad uniform on SNS on the 30th (Korean time) and left a short message with “Guess Who”. The post has been ‘liked’ by more than 80,000 people.

Based on his performance in the 2002 FIFA Korea-Japan World Cup, the commentator advanced to the big leagues in Europe wearing a Real Sociedad uniform the following year. At that time, he drew a lot of attention, being recorded as the first Korean to advance to the Primera Liga.

However, contrary to his expectations, it did not leave a deep impression. In the first season of his transfer, the commentator made 21 appearances as a starter and substitute, but only made one assist. In his second season, he went on loan to Numancia and tried to bounce back, but failed to record an offensive point in 15 games. Eventually, he quit the European stage and returned to the K-League in 2005.

He parted ways with Real Sociedad after two seasons, but this commentator is still inseparable as an anecdote that caught everyone’s attention at once even in that short period of time. In an interview at the beginning of his joining, he proudly said, “I will do well here and go to Real Madrid.”

However, at the time, this commentator’s interview caused a lot of controversy. Because Real Sociedad had a bad relationship with Real Madrid for historical and political reasons, some fans criticized and criticized that they had no affection for their team. 스포츠토토

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