Lee Dong-kyung, who is in his prime before joining the army, said, “It’s a shame that you’re going to join the army


“I didn’t expect my heyday to come…”

Midfielder Lee Dong-kyung (27) of Ulsan HD, a professional soccer player, is a player who feels sorry for every day.

As he is about to join the Korean military athletic unit, he has improved dramatically with his ability to handle left feet. Two months after the opening of the K League 1, he scored six goals (second place) and four assists (first place). When it comes to points of attack, he became the hottest player as he exceeded double digits.

Lee Dong-kyung’s performance was also evident in the first leg of the semifinals of the Asian Champions League (ACL) against Yokohama Marinos at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan on the 17th. In the 19th minute of the first half, he shook Yokohama’s net with a bold left-footed shot, which became the winning goal that determined the 1-0 victory. It was also the moment when Ulsan decided the ticket to the FIFA Club World Cup, which will be expanded to 32 countries next year.

Lee Dong-kyung met with a reporter and said, “I’m glad I brought a ticket to the Club World Cup,” adding, “It worked because I wanted to leave Ulsan with help before joining the military.”

In fact, Lee Dong-kyung’s performance is the result of his extraordinary efforts last winter. He did not stop working out even during the vacation, and adjusting his optimal weight (73 kg) combined with his skills to create synergy. “I was in good condition because I was light in body, and I gained confidence while playing the game and took the flow well. Now that I have a child, I can play with motivation,” Lee Dong-kyung said.

What’s unfortunate is that Lee Dong-kyung doesn’t have much time left to play on the ground in his best condition. When he joins the military on the 29th, he will change his affiliation to Gimcheon Sangmu, and his rise is likely to be dampened by receiving four weeks of military training immediately.

“I think this is a good time (as a player). It is regrettable that I am serving in the military now. I wish I could delay my admission to the training camp…”But I’m glad I’m doing well,” he said after sighing.

Lee has yet to decide the final match he will play in. 퀸알바 Considering the date of his enlistment, the second round of the ALC semifinals will take place in Yokohama, Japan on Monday, and the match against Jeju United in the eighth round of the K League 1 on Friday will be held. “I want to have a meeting with Coach Hong Myung-bo to conclude,” Lee said. “Everyone has to play when they think about soccer, but it is not easy to play in Jeju given the baby’s face. My teammates told me to decide to go to the ALC finals in the match against Yokohama.” “Nothing has been decided yet. I will accompany him to Japan,” Hong said.

Lee Dong-kyung also made a threat to his Ulsan teammates who he would meet as an enemy if he changes into the Gimcheon uniform. Although it is said to be early in the season, Gimcheon (5 wins and two losses) is in second place, while Ulsan (4 wins, two draws and one loss), the defending champion, is in third place. “If I go to Gimcheon, I will not let Ulsan go,” Lee said. “I did my best for Ulsan, and if I go to Gimcheon, I should do my best again. That is the spirit of sports.”

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