Lee Jeong-hoo, domestic flight ‘farewell’ and big league ‘greet’


Batting genius’ Lee Jeong-hoo shook off his injury and said goodbye in his last home game. 

He will be competing in the big leagues at the end of this season, and interest is so high that the general manager of a major league team came to see him in person. 

This is reporter Jeong Yun-cheol. 

When Lee Jeong-hoo came to bat as a pinch hitter in the bottom of the 8th inning, the excitement at Gocheok Dome reached its peak.

[Sound from the scene]

Lee Jeong-hoo returns three months after ankle surgery.

The general manager of Major League Baseball’s San Francisco, who came to see Lee Jeong-hoo, also gave him a standing ovation.

[Sound from the scene]
“Lee Jeong-hoo! Lee Jeong-hoo!”

Lee Jeong-hoo proved his rehabilitation success by sprinting to first base after hitting.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who is attempting the big league at the end of this season, said goodbye at his last home game.

[Lee Jeong-hoo / Kiwoom]
“I will work hard no matter where I go, so I hope my fans are happy too.”

Lee Jeong-hoo, who played seven seasons in the KBO League and became a top hitter, is knocking on the door of the big league through a closed competitive bidding process.

When the Major League Secretariat announces Lee Jeong-hoo’s posting after the end of this season, the final team will be decided through 30 days of negotiations with the clubs.

Among the clubs, San Francisco was the most active, and five clubs sent scouts to Gocheok Dome yesterday alone.토토사이트

To successfully settle in, Lee Jeong-hoo must quickly adapt to the Major League fastball.

San Diego Kim Ha-seong, who returned home today after achieving the highest grades in his third year, can be a role model.

Kim Ha-seong, who suffered from alopecia areata due to stress at the beginning of his debut, has become a key player as his ability to handle fast balls has improved.

[Kim Ha-seong / San Diego]
“I think (Lee Jeong-hoo) is a close to perfect hitter. If he watches a lot of pitches from major league pitchers and gets used to it since spring camp, wouldn’t he get good results?”

Lee Jeong-hoo said that he would soon meet Kim Ha-seong in person and ask for various advice.

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