Let’s bring in Alonso and let’s bring in that ‘jezza’! … Munich’s big picture


Bayern Munich is considering the appointment of Xavi Alonso and the recruitment of Martin Subimendi at the same time.

That’s it for Munich to join hands with Thomas Tuchel. Munich has won 12 consecutive league titles this season, beating “rival” Dortmund and Leipzig in the league, but is now in second place behind Bayer Leverkusen. The two teams have a 10-point gap. Considering the remaining schedule and trends, it is almost impossible for Munich to overturn them. It is not limited to the league. Munich was eliminated in both the Pokal and the Super Cup. It made it to the quarterfinals in the UEFA Champions League, but no guarantee of winning the title. Consequently, Munich decided to separate with Tuchel after the end of the season citing its poor performance.

The most promising candidate is Alonso. Alonso, who served as the coach of Leverkusen last season after playing for the Real Sociedad B team, displayed his leadership so quickly that one wondered if he was the right coach for the first time. Leverkusen, which had remained in the relegation zone until Alonso arrived last season, rose to finish sixth. He continued his undefeated streak this season and made history.

Interest in Alonso’s tremendous leadership has increased. A number of teams have to change coaches next season. Munich, Liverpool, Barcelona, etc. were the main characters. Munich and Liverpool were the most likely. Both teams were also the teams that Alonso was involved in as a player, and his tactical style and the identity of the club matched perfectly.

Originally, it was said that Liverpool was ahead. However, Munich has recently changed the situation with its active movement. Di Marzio, an influential Italian media outlet, said, “Two or three weeks ago, I thought Liverpool was ahead of Munich. But now Munich decided that Alonso was the perfect coach for them and moved very quickly. At this point, Munich is ahead of Liverpool!” As word spread that Liverpool was thinking of Alonso’s plan B, the weight shifted further towards Munich. 고수익알바

Munich is considering bringing in Alonso and even recruiting his student. The main character is Real Sociedad’s defensive end. He is a Spanish midfielder with four goals and one assist in 27 league games this season. Arsenal and Barcelona have already expressed their interest in recruiting him.

Subiendi has ties with Alonso. He was coached by Team B when he was a coach at Sociedad. Christian Polk, a reporter for the German media Bild, said Munich had chosen Subiendi as its top target and that he believed that if Alonso was appointed, he would be able to boost his recruitment.

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