LG Oh Ji-hwan visits the baseball team of Hakdong Elementary School to donate his talent


LG Twins captain Oh Ji-hwan spent a meaningful time with the baseball team of Hakdong Elementary School.

On the 10th, Oh Ji-hwan, who consistently did good deeds, visited the baseball team at Hakdong Elementary School. He carefully watched the children’s training and did not hesitate to give advice, such as holding a bat and gloves and showing demonstrations.

After training, he had time to talk about his mindset and experiences as a professional player through a Q&A session with the children. 

Oh Ji-hwan said, “It was a fun time with the children. He said, “It was cute and proud to see him being serious while playing baseball even when he was joking around.” 

He continued, “You shouldn’t be sexually stressed since elementary school. I want baseball to be enjoyable without getting hurt because I need to enjoy baseball to improve my skills quickly. I look forward to seeing the kids and later in the pros,


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