Lim Dong-hyuk facing Bucheon again, “From the fans’ point of view, I will say hello no matter what.”


Lim Dong-hyuk, who earned the ire of Bucheon fans by moving from Bucheon FC1995 to Jeju United, faces Bucheon again as a member of Seoul E-Land.

On the 6th, a press conference for the 2024 K-League Winter Training Media Camp was held at the Parev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. E-Land, which wants to appoint manager Kim Do-kyun and promote it to mark its 10th anniversary this winter, will continue its second training in Jeju after completing its first training in Bangkok, Thailand.

Lim left Jeju Island for E-Land this season. Moving from K-League 1 to K-League 2 was not an easy decision, but he decided to play more games. He returned to Jeju Island in the 2023 season after finishing his military service, but as he played in five matches as a substitute in the league, he effectively failed to play in the actual game.

“If I had stayed in Jeju, I would have been competitive,” Lim said. “After serving in the military along the way, I had a firm plan for Jeju’s squad. I thought a lot about coming down from the first division to the second division. It was a difficult decision. Still, I was thirsty for a match, and I had a strong passion to communicate with fans again as soon as possible.”

There are other reasons why Lim Dong-hyuk has decided to move to E-Land. First of all, there is Kim. Kim led Suwon FC in 2020 and was promoted to the K-League 1, and as a result, he proved his competence by remaining in K-League 1 through aggressive soccer for three seasons. E-Land is also transplanting attacks through systematic forward pressure.

Lim Dong-hyuk said, “The coach wanted me so much. Players should go where they find themselves.” “The coach likes aggressive soccer, but I was curious about how to solve it with offense in defense, so I tried this and that.” I chose E-Land because I wanted to see the coach and play soccer well together.”

There are also Kim Oh-gyu and Kim Young-wook. Kim Oh-gyu and Kim Young-wook were on the same team as Lim Dong-hyuk in Jeju Island until the last season. Ahead of this season, he moved to E-Land before Lim Dong-hyuk, which is highly anticipated by fans as a major resource that will lead his team to a promotion competition.

“They are players that I know very well, whether it’s Kim Young-wook or Oh Kyu-hyung. I am one of the oldest members in the team, but they gave me a lot of strength. They serve as an example to young players, and they control every detail I don’t know because they are experienced. The atmosphere of the team is so good,” Lim said in complimenting the two players.

Osmar is also a must-have. As a nine-year veteran who only played for FC Seoul until last season, he was rumored to have transferred to another club in Korea this winter, but chose to stay in Korea as a result. Lim already called Osmar “the elder brother,” hoping for synergy effect with him. As Kim categorized Lim as the center back, there is a good chance he will play with Osmar in the future.

Lim Dong-hyuk will face Bucheon fans again with this transfer to E-Land. He first started his professional career in Bucheon and became the vice-captain, playing in many games, and was loved by fans, but in 2020, he moved to Jeju, his former rival, and changed his mind in an instant. At that time, both Jeju and Bucheon were in K League 2, but Lim Dong-hyuk has not actually met with Bucheon fans at the stadium due to the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

“Since I moved to Jeju Island, I thought it would have a huge impact,” Lim said, adding that he was close to making a choice as a player at the time, adding, “I think Bucheon fans will have a lot of resentment against me. I’m careful even to talk about it here.”

Currently, he is uncertain whether he will play in an away match in Bucheon in March due to minor injuries and a sense of actual games. Still, Lim said he will greet the fans in Bucheon if he shows up at the stadium as a player. “From the fans’ point of view, he will kill them. I think so, but I will go and greet them even if they get criticized,” Lim said.

Lim hopes to be promoted from E-Land this season. E-Land has recruited several veteran players along with Kim, and is being hailed as a strong contender. “Other teams are all good teams,” Lim said, adding, “Considering the current team atmosphere, I think promotion will be possible.” 라바카지노도메인

Lim, who chose to play as many games as possible and display passionate and combative defense as his personal goal, told his fans, “I’ve always wanted to win promotion. As E-Land marks its 10th anniversary, I will only look forward to promotion with good players. Individual goals are important, but I believe that individual goals will follow as we move toward team goals. I will train hard and show good performance in games,” he said.

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