“Meeting old colleagues after a long time…” The 8-tairs of memories are back, ‘reunion’ with a 175cm foreigner


Aaron Altair played for NC in 2020-2021. He hit 31 home runs and 32 home runs, clearly demonstrating his one-hit ability. He also led NC’s pennant race in 2020, the Korean Series’ combined victory. He was nicknamed ‘8 Tear’ because he flew especially well in the 8th batting order. For two years, his career batting average was 0.275, 63 homers, 192 RBIs and 173 runs scored.

According to NC on the 21st, Altair visited the NC team on the 18th local time. NC said, “Altair, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, visited Enex Field where CAMP 2 was being held that day, and greeted coach Kang In-kwon, coaching staff, and players, and talked about each other’s current situation.”

In particular, Altair trained with Jason Martin (a new foreign hitter for the 2023 season) at a training center in Phoenix last winter. NC said, “Altair, who met Martin again, gave advice on how to adapt well to Korean culture, such as sharing his experiences in Korea with former players. I had a good time together until the end of the team training schedule that day, including taking part in batting practice.”

Altair said, “The team has changed, but it was nice to see his old teammates after a long time. There are members he played with, and there are new members, but he knows the new members well because they were players he played with in the KBO league. He used chopsticks for the first time in a long time to eat Korean food he missed, and made good memories by batting with his old colleagues. It was a good time to say hello to everyone. I will always cheer for NC to win.” 바카라사이트

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