Only Yeomgalryang laughs? KT Korean Series-level break + NC four-day break + ‘Blue-Eyes Seon Dong-yeol’ appearance


For the first time since its founding, a postseason match between the ninth and youngest members was held. We met that too on the way to the Korean Series.

They both have something in common: they both performed miracles.

KT was considered a contender for the championship due to its solid power along with the LG Twins this season, but was ranked last for a month due to injuries to key players at the beginning of the season. However, it showed a steep upward curve starting in June and advanced directly to the playoffs in second place.

NC was concerned about its strength weakening as Na Seong-beom, who led the team to the 2020 championship, left for KIA last year, and top catcher Yang Eui-ji left for Doosan this year. Some experts even predicted last place. However, based on the harmony between senior players and young players, they demonstrated strong teamwork and consistently competed at the top of the rankings, eventually succeeding in advancing to the postseason in 4th place. NC, which easily defeated Doosan in the wild card match with a come-from-behind win in the first game, continued its turmoil with three consecutive wins in the semi-playoffs against third-place SSG.

The fact that they went on a 4-game winning streak without using their strongest pitcher, Eric Peddie, feels even more scary. Thanks to finishing the game in three games, NC can now take four days of rest and play the first round of the playoffs against KT at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 30th.

The best thing is that Peddie can appear as a starter in the first game. Peddie, who was hit by a batted ball, did not make it to the semi-playoffs, but he is getting better. It appears that he will be able to pitch sufficiently in the first PO game in 5 days. This is clearly the best news for NC and bad news for KT.

However, there is a part of KT that believes in it too. The point is that they had a break similar to that of the Korean Series. KT played its final game of the season on the 10th. I was able to rest for 20 days. The players were able to get enough rest to relieve injuries and fatigue accumulated during the season.

Watching the Korean Series, you could see the first-place team powering down the playoff winner after a break of nearly three weeks. The performance of the pitchers who rested for three weeks was clearly different. The PO winning team, which came out after four days of rest after winning three games in a row in PO, was also unable to properly attack the overwhelming position of the pitchers from the first place team. In other words, KT pitchers can show that level of power.

Both KT and NC have definite positive factors. It doesn’t look like it’s leaning to one side. In this season’s head-to-head match, KT took the lead with 10 wins and 6 losses. Over the four years from 2020 to this year, KT has 30 wins, 3 draws, and 31 losses, with one loss more. It can almost be said to be a whistle tax.메이저사이트

It is a series with pride at stake as the two teams were born after an eight-team system. The game could continue until the 4th or 5th game without being focused on one team. If the series is prolonged, the odds of winning the LG Twins, who are waiting to advance directly to the Korean Series, may increase. The more fiercely the two fight, the more LG smiles.

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