“Please follow Kim”… European soccer fans nervous about Korea-Japan match


With the Korean soccer team scheduled to play the final against Japan on the 7th, European netizens are also paying attention to the results of the game. Soccer players will receive special military service exemption if they win the Asian Games and win a gold medal. This also reduces the burden on the clubs to which these players belong.

On the 6th, fans of Lee Kang-in’s team, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), are paying close attention to the outcome of the Korea-Japan match. One PSG fan said in a post posted on

Another PSG fan account uploaded a video of an Asian Games game in which Lee Kang-in’s play stands out and cheered, saying, “I look forward to when he comes to PSG again.”

Belgian KAA Gent, where midfielder Hong Hyun-seok plays, also posted news of the Asian Games semifinals on its official Instagram on the 5th. KAA Ghent’s official account posted a photo of Hong Hyun-seok, saying, “Korea defeated Uzbekistan and will play the Asian Games final against Japan on Saturday.”

Most fans hoped that the Korean team would win. In the comment window, there were posts such as “Return to the club quickly,” “I want to see him continue playing instead of serving in the military,” and “Korea must win this time.”레고토토

Meanwhile, in Germany, local sports media directly mentioned the Asian Games. On the 4th (local time), ‘Kicker’, a German soccer media outlet, published an article titled ‘Jung Woo-young, who led Korea to the finals, why is Stuttgart wishing him good luck?’

In this article, the media analyzed, “Korea advanced to the Asian Games finals thanks to Stuttgart’s Jung Woo-young,” and added, “If Korea wins the finals, the club also benefits.”

The media predicted that Jung Woo-young’s experience and skills accumulated through this Asian Games, as well as the military service exemption that is certain to be provided if he wins a gold medal, will help the team.

Kicker explained, “Jung Woo-young gains a sense of accomplishment and confidence (by winning the Asian Games),” adding, “In addition to the medal, if Jung Woo-young is exempted from military service by winning the tournament, the club and his teammates will be relieved.”

Meanwhile, the Asian Games men’s soccer final is scheduled to be held on the 7th at 9 PM (Korean time).

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