‘Pop time 1.82 seconds’ Seongbin Son ‘Coach’s mouth is open!’


He was the main character of the most talked about scene in the KBO League last weekend.

Reporter Park Jae-woong introduces Lotte catcher Son Seong-bin, who surprised everyone with a powerful throw like a laser beam.토토 가입머니 즉시지급

Two-out runners on 1st and 3rd base.

Catcher Son Seong-bin threw the ball without delay…

and the runner on second base was out.

Fans cheered at the low but powerful throw…

“Son Seong-bin! Son Seong-bin! Son Seong-bin!”

Even the broadcasters were in awe.

“This is the appearance of an amazing sniper. Wow~ Look at the speed. It’s 138.3km/h. This speed is hard to find even in the major leagues.”

Son Seong-bin himself was also surprised.

[Son Seong-bin/Lotte]
“I didn’t expect to catch (out). I thought, ‘It’s going to be hard to catch this because the timing is stolen’, but it turned out easier than I thought.”

The so-called ‘pop time’, the time from the moment the pitch is received until the ball reaches second base, is only 1.82 seconds, which

is the same as Realmuto’s average record, which ranked first in the major leagues this season.

On the 16th, his first starting game after being discharged, he caught SSG’s Heredia, and coach Bae Young-soo’s reaction was the best.

Son Seong-bin, who joined in 2021 as the first nomination, chose to enlist after only playing for one season.

Originally, he had a strong shoulder, but there was a chance that the power of the throw was extraordinary.꽁머니

[Son Seong-bin/Lotte]
“When I was 21, my RBI was very high. Lowering my arm a little helped a lot.”

Son Seong-bin is expected to be a new hope amid Lotte’s recent downturn.

He wants to support Lotte’s top-tier counterattack by supporting catcher Yu Kang-nam.

[Son Seong-bin/Lotte]
“It was the first time (runner) held onto it and kept shouting my name, and it felt really good. That’s why I wanted to be good at baseball. .”

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