Professional volleyball Hyundai E&C recruits Montaño to replace Yasmin with back pain


Hyundai E&C, which ranked first in the professional volleyball women’s division, eventually replaced a foreign player.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction said on the 6th, “We have recruited a new foreign player, Yvone Montaño (28, registered name Montaño), to replace Yasmin Bedart (registered name Yasmin), who left due to a back injury.”

Hyundai E&C introduced “Aposite Spiker Montaño, who is 188 cm tall, is from the Colombian national team and was an excellent player who won the top scorer in the Swiss league for two consecutive years.” He played an active role as the main striker and led the team’s offensive power.”

Montaño will be put into the real game immediately after issuing the International Transfer Agreement (ITC) and going through the player registration process.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction predicted, “He will be able to join in the 5th round.”

Montaño said, “I am excited to play in Korea, where I have wanted to play,” and promised, “I will concentrate all my abilities so that Hyundai E&C can win.” 카지노사이트

Professional volleyball Hyundai E&C came to play with local players because Yasmin, the main player of the team, did not improve after undergoing a herniated disc operation in December of last year.

Hyundai E&C filled Yasmin’s void with veteran Hwang Yeon-joo, but showed limitations by losing consecutively to GS Caltex and Korea Expressway Corporation last month.

Accordingly, Hyundai E&C hurried to replace foreign players and recruited Montaño, who played in Turkey.

Yasmin joined Hyundai Engineering & Construction as the second overall pick in the 2021 foreign player draft and made a name for himself as the best striker in the league.

However, he was sidelined early this season due to a shoulder injury, and a recent back injury has lengthened his absence.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction said, “We plan to take responsibility for Yasmin’s treatment until the end.”

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