“Prove that Gen.G is a candidate for the championship” Gen.G coach Koh Dong-bin


Gen.G eSports gained a lot from winning the D+ Kia War. The most notable achievement was the rediscovery of the bottom liner ‘Phase’. ‘Pace’, who showed an uneasy appearance in the first game, gradually stabilized his performance as the number of LCK matches piled up. During the D+ Star Wars, ‘Faze’ was in full bloom. He showed off his carry power in the first and second sets, completely erasing the shadow of his former bottom liner, ‘Ruler’.

Gen.G eSports coach Dongbin Koh was genuinely happy with the victory over Dplus Kia. Head coach Koh Dong-bin said, “We won 2:0 against the championship candidate Dplus Kia. This proves that Gen.G eSports is also a team aiming to win.” 먹튀검증

Head coach Koh Dong-bin said, “I expected today’s game to be a hyper-carry battle between distance dealers,” and picked Gen.G eSports bottom liner ‘Pace’ as the key player. ‘Face’ showed his presence in today’s game with a mature performance that was not like a league rookie. Head coach Koh Dong-bin evaluated ‘Face’ as a player with distinct strengths and said, “Even though his potential has not been fully expressed, he does not tremble in competitions and is showing his strengths well.”

As if to repay the coach’s trust, ‘Pace’ is rapidly adapting to the LCK. ‘Face’ is recording the indicators of the top bot laner in various indicators such as KDA 8.1, win rate 72.7%, average death 1.4, including the D+ KIA stats.

Gen.G eSports again faces a difficult opponent following Dplus Kia. It is the live sandbox that became a sensation in the western region with four consecutive league victories. Head coach Koh Dong-bin said, “I really want to win the match against Liv Sandbox.” He said, “Personally, I am very close with director Yoo Sang-wook of Live Sandbox. That’s why he is the opponent I really want to win,” he said, burning his will to break the nose of the live sandbox.

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