‘Resurrection of DB Sanseong’ Kim Joo Seong-ho wins 4 consecutive wins by defeating KCC


Wonju DB Promy won 89-73 in the 4th round of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Jeonju KCC Egis held at the Wonju Sports Complex on the 28th.

In the DB, Lee Seon Albano scored 15 points, Kim Hyun-ho 12 points, and Kim Jong-gyu 12 points. DB, where all players performed evenly, overwhelmed KCC by utilizing their strengths in height and defense. With this victory, DB recorded 16 wins and 20 losses in the season, narrowing the game gap with 6th place KCC to half a game.

On the other hand, KCC could not overcome DB’s tight defense and inferiority in height. There were many time-driven attack attempts, and only Heo Woong-man scored 32 points, and the rest of the domestic players did not fire support. KCC, who recorded 4 consecutive losses in the second half, maintained 6th place with 16 wins and 19 losses.

DB attacked the bottom of KCC’s goal with superiority in supply. Following this, the two-man game and jumper were also successful, gaining a slight advantage. DB failed to block KCC’s transition process from the middle. Kim Sang-gyu and La Gun-ah scored in the paint zone, and Heo Woong burst the outer shell and gave it a turnaround.

DB, which was reorganized with operation time, turned the tide of the battle with a quick attack following a successful defense. DB, who blocked KCC’s offensive, finished the first quarter with a score of 23-16 thanks to the scoring of the big men.

With the start of the 2nd quarter, DB spurred on further. Kim Hyun-ho scored consecutively, tying KCC scoreless. Although shaken by Heo Woong’s one-man show, DB steadily took advantage of the height and ran away with 35-25.

With 3 minutes left at the end of the quarter, DB provided an excuse for pursuit with Yatoo hunting and turnovers. Heo Ung’s performance was chased by 1 point, but Jeong Ho-young and Albano put a counterfire and ended the first half with 46-41.

Both teams maintained a tight balance with Heo Woong and Albano’s showdown. The team that broke the balance was DB. After the operation time, all of KCC’s attacks were turned to nothing, and Kim Jong-kyu, Kim Hyun-ho, and Jung Ho-young added the score in relays, widening the gap to 65-49.

DB, who was in the mood, pushed KCC even harder. Substitute bench members were also active in offense and defense under the direction of Park Chan-hee, taking the lead by 20 points.

DB, who entered the fourth quarter with a score of 75-59, allowed a chase for a while, but succeeded in counterattacking again with Hernandez’s dunk shot. DB did not show off the scoring power as much as the previous quarter, but continued to lead by blocking KCC’s defense in the match.

DB did not lose concentration until the end and turned KCC’s wave offensive. Afterwards, Kim Jong-gyu’s goal under the net and Lenard Freeman’s free throw confirmed the victory. 스포츠토토

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