‘ROAD TO UFC’ Finalist Lee Jung-young, “My opponent is not the final opponent, but the top 5 UFC fighters!”


On the 5th, ‘FC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Spivak’ will be held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Seven Korean fighters, including ROAD TO UFC fighters, will participate in this event. Korean players, including Lee Jung-young, passed the weigh-in all at once on the 4th and are waiting for the decisive match.

He has only one win left before entering the UFC. ROAD TO UFC, which will be shown at Undercard, is a quarter-final tournament in which Asia’s top MMA prospects participate, and the winner will sign with the UFC. It started with a total of 32 fighters in four weight classes, flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, and lightweight, and now only eight players remain to compete in the finals.

Former Road FC featherweight champion Lee Jung-young will face Lee Ji (26, China) in the featherweight final. Lee Jung-young is burning with a vengeance because Lee Jung-young defeated Chinese fighters in the quarterfinals and semifinals and advanced to the final. 온라인바카라

Lee Jung-young is recognized as the best player in Korea. He conquered the Korean stage and jumped into the UFC, and proved to be the strongest by finishing in the first round in both the quarterfinals and semifinals.

Even in the field, Lee Jung-young’s hot, perfect game style is in a state of fascination. It’s the final, but Lee Jung-young is relaxed.

Interest is not a concern. I plan to finish my opponent quickly and compete with the top fighters in the UFC. Lee Jung-young said, “The opponents we really have to compete with are those who are in the top 5 of the UFC rankings. I don’t think I will skip the first round this time either.”

He continued, “It wasn’t that I wanted to play all over the world. I grew up watching only the UFC from a young age,” he said, revealing his desire to advance to the UFC.

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