Rumors that were true! KFA admitted, “Son Heung-min-Young players’ friction → finger injury the day before the semifinal match against Jordan.”


The story everyone wanted to be a rumor was true.

Bad news once again spread to the noisy Korean team, including the elimination of the semi-finals at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup, the dismal contents of matches throughout the entire tournament, and controversy over the dismissal of coach Jurgen Klinsmann. It was reported from the U.K.

A source from the U.K.’s The Sun claimed, “On the eve of the semifinal against Jordan, a fight broke out within the national team. Some of the young players left to eat dinner quickly and play table tennis. When he heard a rude remark made towards him, he told him to come back and sit down. Son was unlucky enough to hurt his finger badly.”

Son Heung-min played in the Asian Cup as captain. Considering his age, it could be the last Asian Cup, and in reality, it was his last chance to win a trophy in the national team. Despite his murderous schedule in Tottenham Hotspur, he played full-time starting players in every match with spirit of sacrifice throughout the tournament. Son’s performance stood out, including a miraculous penalty kick and a come-from-behind goal from a free kick against Australia.

After being eliminated in the semi-final, Son went back to Tottenham. Son was wearing a bandage on his finger in the match against Brighton. He was taping his finger in the same area in the match against Jordan. In an interview after the match against Brighton, he said, “I tripped and twisted during the Asian Cup.”

However, British foreign media including The Sun claimed that his finger was twisted not during the match but amid friction between teammates of the national team. I thought it was false news or exaggerated because The Sun is known to be a media outlet with low public confidence, but it was unfortunately true.

An official from the Korea Football Association (KFA) said, “Some of it is true. The day before the semifinal match against Jordan, Son Heung-min said to the players, “Be careful as it is the day before the match.” In the process, there were arguments and friction, and rumors arose. It was friction with young players.” In fact, the fact that the relationship between players within the national team was not good has been publicized as a rumor, but it is the first time that the KFA has acknowledged and even injured a player. This is why it is more surprising and shocking. 꽁머니사이트

The Korean national team is devastated by the controversy surrounding Klinsmann’s team’s internal strife. Even if the coach leaves the team and the association makes internal reforms, the team has to deal with internal strife within the team. The term “total chaos” naturally comes to mind.

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