Sangwon High School, featuring star players such as Lee Man-soo, Yang Jun-hyuk, and Ahn Ji-man, ranked first in the Daegu region preliminary round with alumni from No Brand High School.


Daegu Sangwon High School, led by star players such as Lee Man-soo, Yang Jun-hyuk, and Ahn Ji-man, defeated Gyeongshin High School following Gyeongbuk High School and took first place in the Daegu region preliminary round of the 2023 No Brand High School Alumni Baseball Tournament. 

Hosted by the Korea Baseball Softball Association (Chairman Lee Jong-hoon, KBSA) and sponsored by E-Mart, this tournament was created last year with the goals of expanding the base of baseball as a recreational sport, promoting friendship among alumni of the alma mater, and supporting the baseball team. This year, more than 40 schools across the country are participating, promising a fierce competition.

Sangwon High School won 7-5 in its first match against Gyeongbuk High School held at Daegu Citizen Baseball Stadium on the 2nd. Yang Jun-hyuk, who played as designated hitter No. 4, went 2-for-3 with one RBI and one run scored, and No. 3 first baseman Ji-man Ahn had a hit, an RBI and a run scored. Lim Cheon-soo, who appeared as the second pitcher, became the winning pitcher by allowing 1 run in 4 innings. 

Former Samsung Futures coach Sung Jun appeared as Gyeongbuk High School’s fourth pitcher and showed off two innings of perfect pitching without allowing any runs, but lost his luster due to the team’s loss. Jang Eun-soo struggled with 2 hits in 3 at-bats, 3 RBIs, and 2 runs, including a 3-run home run to left. 

Sangwon High School, which got off to a good start by beating Gyeongbuk High School, won 10-4 against Gyeongshin High School. Yang Jun-hyuk had three RBIs, and Ahn Ji-man led the attack by hitting a triple. 

Sangwon High School is aiming to win this competition in celebration of its 100th anniversary this year. In particular, on the 4th, the Sangwon High School baseball team led by coach Kim Seung-gwan defeated Gyeongbuk High School in the Bonghwangdaegi High School Baseball Tournament and advanced to the semifinals, and it is said that the atmosphere of the alumni association reached its peak. 

In the Bukil High School-Gongju State Game, which attracted attention as a match between prestigious baseball high schools in the South Chungcheong region, Bukil High School won 11-6. Outfielder Lim Jae-cheol, who played for Lotte, Samsung, Hanwha, Doosan, and LG, recorded 1 hit, including a double, and 1 RBI. 

In the Seoul area preliminary round, Dongbuk High School defeated Seonlin Internet High School 8-2, and Gyeonggi High School defeated Seongnam High School 18-1. In the second game of the preliminary round, Dongbuk High School and Gyeonggi High School faced each other, and Gyeonggi High School, with its powerful firepower, won 12-3. 

In the Busan regional preliminary round, Busan High School won a cold game 17-2 over Dongseong High School, and Busan Technical High School defeated Kaesong High School 10-3. Dongrae High School comfortably won 8-3 against Yangjeong High School. 토스카지노

In addition, Dongji High School defeated Pocheol High School 11-7 in the preliminaries in the Gyeongbuk region. 

Meanwhile, some of the final tournament games held at the Bukil High School baseball stadium and the finals scheduled for Gocheok Sky Dome will be broadcast through SPOTV, and the prizes for the tournament will be 30 million won to the winning team, 15 million won to the runner-up team, and each team tied for third place. A prize money of 7 million won will be provided to support the development of baseball at the alma mater.

This competition includes 8 teams from Seoul, 7 teams from Busan, 4 teams from Daegu, 1 team from Gwangju, 3 teams from Incheon, 2 teams from Daejeon, 1 team from Ulsan, 1 team from Gangwon, and 2 teams from Chungnam. , 2 teams from Gyeongbuk, 1 team from Gyeongnam, 2 teams from Jeonbuk, and 6 teams from Jeju participate. The Jeju teams are all general high schools.

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