‘Self-sufficient’ Ronaldo kicked away the opportunity to transfer to Munich and Chelsea


Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr) could have worn a Bayern Munich or Chelsea shirt. If only he wasn’t behaving normally.

Ronaldo struggled to leave Manchester United somehow last summer. He offered himself to numerous clubs such as Munich, Chelsea, Napoli, Dortmund and PSG to participate in the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Ronaldo went so far as not to attend pre-season training due to family problems, but nobody called him up. In the end, Ronaldo remained with the team, but was forced to sit on the bench and parted ways with Manchester United after all sorts of controversies, including refusal to play as a substitute, leaving work without permission, and an interview with Piers Morgan.

Ronaldo released as a free agent, but still no team wanted him. Ronaldo has been forced to move to Al Nasr and continues his playing career on the Saudi Arabian stage. His dream of remaining on the European stage never became a reality.

Of course, he had one last chance. According to Spain’s ‘El Mundo’, Ronaldo told his agent, Jorge Mendes, in the summer of 2022 that they should break up unless they want to move to Munich or Chelsea. Indeed, both clubs had contact with him and were well aware of Ronaldo’s commercial value.

But Ronaldo kicked this opportunity with his own feet. At the time, he notified his absence from pre-season training due to family problems, and even after joining at the end, he angered manager Eric Ten Hag by leaving work early.

The media said, “However, after Ronaldo boycotted the first training session of the new season, both clubs withdrew their interest. Officials from Munich and Chelsea called Mendes to inform him that he no longer intends to sign.”

In the end, after failing to transfer because of his behavior, Ronaldo could not hold back his anger and parted ways with Mendes. And now he is spending his last years in the Middle East, which he said he would never go to. It’s like everyone is a winner. 안전놀이터

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