Son Heung-min’s welcome greeting, ‘Good to see you, Draguin!’…Congratulations on joining the SNS ‘Immediately following’ from Qatar


Tottenham was away for a while for the national team, but the “captain” aspect did not disappear.

Son Heung-min welcomed Tottenham’s new member. They welcomed their social networking sites in Qatar, a desert land where they have to fly six hours by plane from the U.K.

Romanian handsome centre-back Radu Dragusin has finally entered Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham officially announced the recruitment of Dragusin on the 12th (Korea Standard Time) on the premise of issuing a work permit for the British Labor Office on its official website. The contract period is seven years until 2030. Although the club has not revealed, it is known that the annual salary is 3 million euros (about 4.3 billion won). He was given the number six times. With joining the club on this day, Dragusin will be able to participate in the Manchester United away game on the 15th.

It is expected to be a ray of light for Tottenham, whose current center-back resources are almost wiped out. Mickey Pantherpen, who newly joined the transfer market last summer, has just returned from a hamstring injury, and with Christian Romero and backup defender Ben Davies out of power after injuring his hamstring, he can take a breather with Dragusin, who is considered a Romanian monster defender.

It was a long and long battle. Since December last year, Tottenham tried to recruit Dragusin, who had 13 A-match experiences, but it took about a month to complete. The British media Telegraph reported on April 20 that Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed the decision by sending a scout to recruit Radu Dragusin, who is active in Italy’s Serie A league.

“Tottenham wants to reinforce its center back in the January transfer market and is targeting Genoa defender Dragusin. Tottenham sent a scout to observe the match against Juventus last week,” the media said. “Postecoglou’s top priority in the January transfer market is center back.”

“Dragusin joined Juventus in the summer of 2018, and Fabio Paratici was the general manager of Juventus at that time. He served as Tottenham’s general manager until April,” he added.

Furthermore, “Dragusin’s agent, Florin Manaea, said Tottenham was interested and the initial conversation took place,” he said, considering that he was contacting the player and preparing for a personal agreement.

Born in 2002 in Romania, Dragusin grew up in his country’s AS Metropolitan in 2013 before moving to Juventus Academy at the age of 16 in the summer of 2018. Continuing his growth at Juventus, he left for Genoa in 2022 after going through Sampdoria and Salernitana, and succeeded in a full transfer this summer.

Dragusin is 191 centimeters tall, making good use of his right to provide set piece performance, and the same applies to defense. He is also good at personal defense, but he has some regrets in passing.

However, Tottenham, which currently has a loophole in its defense, has selected Dragusin as the right person to fill the void. With high expectations, Tottenham acquired Dutch national team defender Van der Pen for a transfer fee of 40 million euros this summer. 라바카지노

Panderpen showed good personal defense based on his fast speed and strong physicality. Panderpen and Romero created an environment where Tottenham could attack freely even if it formed a high defensive line.

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