Such monstrous recovery at the age of 39… Scherzer ready to return, Texas’ first win, Puna Han


 Cheongunmanma joins the Texas Rangers, who are attempting to win their first World Series championship. Max Scherzer (39), a three-time Cy Young Award winner, has recovered from his injury and is ready for his return. 

Major League Baseball’s official website ‘’ reported on the 14th (Korean time) that Scherzer completed preparations for his return by completing pitcher defense training (PFP) at Texas’ home stadium, Globe Life Field. 

On the 12th, Scherzer threw 65 balls through live pitching with the batter standing up. After resting for a day, he completed preparations for his return to the American League Championship Series (ALCS, best of 7) by pitching in the bullpen and even doing PFP that day. 

“I recovered,” Scherzer said. I checked everything I could. Ready to throw. The Houston Astros are a great team. “I will do my best to demonstrate my skills to the highest level,” he said. 

Mike Maddox, Texas pitching coach, also said, “Scherzer is moving in the right direction. Very encouraging. He threw 68 pitches non-stop against batters. “It needs to be a little sharper, but overall it was good,” he said, welcoming Scherzer’s return. 

Scherzer won the game against the Toronto Blue Jays on the 13th of last month with a pitching pitch of 5⅓ innings, allowing 3 hits, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts, and no runs, but was replaced due to an injury while pitching in the 6th inning. As a result of the examination, he was diagnosed with a right teres major sprain and was effectively out for the season. Texas general manager Chris Young said the possibility of returning for the remainder of the season was low, saying, “The possibility of appearing in the postseason is low.” 

Considering the young man’s age of 39, it didn’t seem easy. But Scherzer did not give up. He continued to build up his body and aimed to return to baseball in the fall. Texas lost the AL West division championship to Houston due to a sluggish performance at the end of the season, but defeated the Tampa Bay Rays with two consecutive wins in the Wild Card Series and the Baltimore Orioles with three consecutive wins in the Division Series. 

With Texas succeeding in advancing to the ALCS, Scherzer finally got his chance. He showed remarkable recovery just one month after his injury. Starting from the end of last month, I gradually increased my intensity while doing bullpen pitching, and completed my return to actual play in time for the ALCS. 

Since his debut in 2008, Scherzer is a living legend who has recorded a total of 457 games (448 starts, 2,834⅔ innings) in 16 major league seasons, 214 wins, 108 losses, an ERA of 3.15, and 3,367 strikeouts. He boasts three Cy Young Awards and eight All-Star awards, and is tied with Justin Verlander (Houston) for the highest salary this year ($43.33 million). 토토사이트

Scherzer, who was traded from the New York Mets to Texas on July 30, was expected to be a winning contractor. He played a leading role in the Washington Nationals’ first World Series win in 2019 and has extensive fall baseball experience. Regardless of his position, he played in a total of 27 games (22 starts, 133⅓ innings) with 7 wins, 7 losses, 1 save, 2 holds, and an ERA of 3.58. 

Texas, founded in 1961, is one of six major league clubs that has yet to win the World Series. The San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers (1969), Seattle Mariners (1977), Colorado Rockies (1993), and Tampa Bay Rays (1998) also have no championships, but they are the oldest among them, so they are desperate for a championship. 

In this postseason, Texas has Jordan Montgomery (2 wins, 1.32) and Nathan Evoldi (1 win, 3.27) as its starting one-two punch. With the addition of Scherzer, we can face the ALCS with three strong starting pitchers. The ALCS begins with the first game held at Houston’s home stadium, Minute Maid Park, on the 16th. 

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