“Suwon Zlatan.” Kim Hyun, “I should buy a omakase for Kazuki.”


Suwon Samsung’s “Zlatan” Kim Hyun credited his teammate Kazuki with multiple goals.

Suwon beat Jeonnam Dragons 5-1 in the sixth round home game of Hana Bank K League 2 2023 at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 2 p.m. on the 10th. Suwon (12 points), which beat Chungbuk Cheongju FC on the 7th, achieved its first consecutive win of the season, marking second place after FC Anyang (13 points).

Kim Hyun-soo, who was on the waiting list on the day, stepped on the pitch instead of Mulic as soon as the team started the second half. At the 27th minute of the second half when his team was leading 2-1, Kim scored a header to score a free kick that Kazuki handled. Before the end of the game, he scored multiple goals by scoring a corner kick that Kazuki handled.

After the game, Kim Hyun expressed satisfaction, saying, “I think today is a game where we went in a good direction and found confidence in going to the championship.”

They showed perfect chemistry with Kazuki, who had two goals. The two have emerged as Suwon’s new weapons. “They were talking about Omakase anyway. I think I should buy him one. I want to give credit not only to Kazuki but also to the coaches who take charge of set piece tactics,” Kim said.

Kim Hyun, who scored the winning goal in the 5th round away match against Cheongju FC in North Chungcheong Province, has already surpassed the record of scoring two goals last season. “Last year, I had a big injury in the beginning and had surgery in the first half, so I didn’t feel well. I had a small injury earlier this year, but I have raised it a lot through physical training now,” he said.

However, he started in the bench in the match against Jeonnam even though he scored in the last match. Suwon manager Yeom Ki-hoon called having Kim on the bench a “tactical choice.” “I think he prepared for an unexpected performance in the second half. I think he scored a lot of points through the coach’s choice,” Kim said.

Striker Kim Hyun-jin scored two goals, which helped Suwon overcome its empty stomach. Yeom Ki-hoon also said he would hold shooting drills together to help strikers score points. “We were not burdened at all. The atmosphere itself is not stiff. I do it with the coach when I train. He gives me lots of lessons,” Kim said. “He teaches me shooting with his left foot, but he teaches me a lot. I am getting a lot of help during training because he is our coach.”

Kim Hyun-jin, who has played in the K League 1 for three consecutive years, chose to join the second team ahead of this season. “All the players are always running after seeing one goal. I think it is a process. I don’t think we can become a perfect team until we finish the season. However, I am running with the thought that we will become a stronger team than now.” 고소득알바

Kim’s career is that he scored eight goals as a member of Suwon FC in the 2022 season. “I want to score double digits,” Kim said. “I want to contribute to my team’s victory by scoring points in every game, rather than by numbers. I am doing my best in every game.”

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