The final check is good, but… Bell’s launching ceremony must end without injury.


Colin Bellho’s launching ceremony should end without injury.

The Korean women’s national soccer team, led by head coach Colin Bell, will face off against Haiti in a friendly match held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 5:00 pm on the 8th. Korea’s FIFA ranking is 17th, and Haiti is 53rd.토토사이트주소

The match against Haiti is Belho’s World Cup launch ceremony. Belho, who will participate in the 2023 FIFA Australia/New Zealand World Cup, will depart through Incheon Airport after training on the morning of the 10th. Belho is scheduled to play Colombia on the 25th, Morocco on the 30th, and Germany on the 3rd of next month.

I think I will check it through the last game before leaving the country. In particular, Haiti, the opponent for this friendly match, is considered a good sparring opponent in that it is evaluated as a team with excellent individual skills and quick attack development, although its FIFA ranking is lower than that of Korea, like Colombia, the opponent in the first leg. In other words, you think of it as ‘virtual Colombia’ and play the game.

This is why Haiti is a good opponent. Coach Bell has said that since the announcement of the final World Cup roster, he is only thinking about the match against Colombia, the first leg. At the time, coach Bell said, “The important thing is the first game against Colombia. I can tell you what we can do here, but I think we have to show it on the pitch. The players also pay attention to the first game and the other games after that. I hope you solve it,” he said, saying he would focus on the first game.

It seems that the best available power will come out at the final inspection level. Although it is a friendly match, it can be inferred from the fact that this match is a rehearsal for the most important match against Colombia in the World Cup finals, and an opportunity to boost morale.

The final inspection and victory are good, but the most important thing is to finish the game without injury. Since the World Cup is less than two weeks away, injury management is as important as game sense. Previously, in November of last year, Park Ji-soo was injured in a friendly match against Iceland, which was held in the meaning of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar World Cup launch ceremony, and there was a case where the World Cup was frustrated. The importance of the game against Haiti cannot be overemphasized, but Belho has to play the game while paying attention to players’ injuries.

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