The only hitter with high average, Chae Eun-seong…” A thousand horses are coming to the team with the lowest batting average.. A veteran with a career batting average of 0.306, returning after a long rehabilitation


Hanwha Eagles veteran outfielder Lee Myeong-gi (36) returns.

Lee Myung-ki, who has been working hard on rehabilitation since the beginning of the season due to a broken leg, is expected to return to the first team in early September at the earliest after playing in the Futures League at the end of this month.

Regarding Lee Myung-ki on the 23rd, which was canceled due to rain, Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho explained, “I am playing 2 or 3 at-bats in the remaining team. I will play as a designated hitter in the Futures League this weekend.” He predicted that he would be able to make a comeback unconditionally within September.

Lee Myeong-gi, who had been struggling with his free agency but couldn’t find a new nest, wore a Hanwha uniform in mid-February in a sign-and-trade.

Prior to the trade, Hanwha took over the contract with NC, the original team, for a total of 100 million won (50 million won in annual salary, 50 million won in options) for a one-year contract period.

He welcomed the new season, but left due to injury after only 3 games after the opening.

On April 7, in the match against SSG in Daejeon, the right fibula was fractured in the process of hitting in the fifth inning and stealing second base. He was put on the operating table the next day, and was diagnosed with up to 5 months of rehabilitation until his return.토토사이트

A mixed hitter with a career batting average of .306. His absence was a fatal blow to Hanwha.

Even now, the presence of a veteran hitter like Lee Myung-gi is needed. Manager Choi Won-ho mentioned the need for a hitter who can produce steady results for more than 3 years, saying, “There is only Chae Eun-seong in the team who can consistently guarantee a batting average in the late 20s.” Hanwha is at the bottom of the 10 clubs with a team batting average of .241. This is a lower figure than last year’s 204 pennies and 5 li.

A veteran hitter who can give a sense of stability to Hanwha’s lineup, which is dominated by young hitters. Lee Myung-gi, who joined after a long rehabilitation, is expected to bring a structure to Hanwha’s batting line.

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