The organizer of the truck protest, even after the announcement of the apology of Heungkuk Life Insurance, “I am not 100% sure of the integrity of the club”


Heungkuk Life Women’s Volleyball Team announced an apology on the 10th for controversy over game operation intervention and manager resignation. In this regard, the ‘Women’s Volleyball Happiness Prayer Group’, a fan group that hosted the truck protest, argued, “We cannot be 100% sure that Heungkuk Life Insurance will operate the club with integrity in the future with only an apology.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance said in an apology, “I sincerely apologize to volleyball fans and the Pink Spiders players. I would like to say that I am sorry for the point. I also bow my head and express my apology to the Pink Spiders players and coaching staff who were deeply hurt by this.”

In addition, “It is clear that the recent situation can never be tolerated and should not be repeated as a result of interest and affection for volleyball expressed in the wrong direction of intervening in game management.” We will thoroughly block the intervention of the director and fully respect the director’s inherent authority.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance continued, “We will actively work so that the club’s strong will does not stop at just a shoe line, and we will use this incident as an opportunity to reestablish the culture of the Heungkuk Life Volleyball Team that respects the autonomy of game management.”

However, the ‘Women’s Volleyball Happiness Prayer Group’ said, “In the currently announced apology, there is no mention of ‘higher-level appointment intervention’ that even the players acknowledged. In a comprehensive sense, ‘intervention in game management’ is specified,” adding, “Taekwang Group At the direction of the president, we request that the owner accurately apologize for intervening in the appointment of players, which is the manager’s exclusive authority.”

He also demanded, “I hope that Heungkuk Life Insurance will express its position along with specific measures on how to convince the public and volleyball fans and what to do if the intervention of the upper ranks recurs in the future.”

They said, “General manager Kim Yeo-il, who ordered the text order for players, officially apologizes to the public for the part involved in the emergency parent company’s instructions, expresses his position, and demands that he formally leave the volleyball world completely and never come back.” insisted.

The ‘Women’s Volleyball Happiness Foundation’ said, “There are no specific measures for future game operation (an environment where players can focus on the game). In addition, it is not known at all how the supervisory system will be organized in the future.”

At the same time, “The players who will play the game directly in front of the fans are bound to have a heavy burden. Heungkuk Life Insurance will share measures to quickly rectify the current situation, and players will be able to focus only on the game without worrying about operations outside the game. We strongly urge you to create an environment.” and finished writing. 카지노사이트

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