The ‘real’ reason Kim Min-jae pursues ‘more’ transfer fee


Kim Min-jae rose to prominence as soon as he moved to Italy’s Serie A Napoli this season, and shortly thereafter emerged as one of the best defenders in the league. Napoli, where Kim Min-jae is holding out, ran an overwhelming first place in the league, and Kim Min-jae’s value and ransom naturally rose.

Napoli paid 18 million euros (24.3 billion won) for Kim Min-jae from Turkiye Fenerbahce. Kim Min-jae’s buyout is known to be 45 million euros (60.8 billion won), and Kim Min-jae is currently valued at around 60 million euros (81.1 billion won). 메이저사이트

It doesn’t end here. Many media predict that if Min-jae Kim even has a championship premium, he can join the ‘100 million euro (135.2 billion won) club’, a symbolic ransom of the world’s top class.

Love calls from big clubs in Europe are continuing for Kim Min-jae. He has been attracting attention from the world’s top clubs, including Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus. As such, it is highly likely that his ransom value will increase even more.

From the player’s point of view, it is easier to transfer when the buyout is low or the transfer fee is low. It is common for clubs to increase the buyout or increase the transfer fee in order not to send this player. However, the situation between Kim Min-jae and Naples is a little different. It turns out that Kim Min-jae is pursuing a higher transfer fee.


The higher the transfer fee, the higher the value of the player. This is an advantage from the player’s point of view. However, this is not the sincerity of Kim Min-jae’s desire for a high transfer fee. for Naples. It is a phenomenon created by the sincerity towards Napoli, which is likely to give them the experience of winning the big league, and a club that they are grateful for, believing in themselves, growing them, and attracting attention in Europe, which they did not have much experience in Europe.

Turkey’s ‘Aksam’ said on the 6th (Korean time), “The transfer fee set for Min-jae Kim, the Korean defender who leads Napoli, is 60 million euros. We have the will to make Napoli more profitable if there is one.”

The media then explained, “If a club wants Min-jae Kim, there is a buyout clause, but Min-jae Kim can request a higher transfer fee.

The media analyzed the reason why Kim Min-jae made this decision.

“The Korean star feels a great sense of belonging to Napoli.”

In other words, love and respect for Naples. You can feel Kim Min-jae’s will to return the gratitude he received from Naples. Even if he leaves, you can also feel his sincerity that he will reciprocate as much as possible and leave. A sincere response to gratitude. Isn’t this also one of the strengths of Korean players?

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