The story of Gerard’s apology in ‘The Bathroom’… Behind the scenes of the ‘Merseyside Derby’


The Merseyside Derby, one of the best derbies in the English Premier League (EPL), will be held.

Liverpool and Everton will clash at Anfield on the 14th. Ahead of this game, many memories of the ‘Merseyside Derby’ are being summoned.

In particular, the ‘Merseyside Derby’ held in 1999, 24 years ago, is a very famous match for EPL fans. The match was won by Everton 1-0.

What was even more famous than the result was that it was the first game ever in which Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard was sent off. At the time, the young 19-year-old Gerrard was sent off shortly before the end of the match after kicking Everton’s Kevin Campbell in the thigh. It was an intentional foul.

Britain’s ‘Daily Star’ reported the story behind the clash between Gerard and Campbell.

According to the media, Campbell was enraged by young Gerrard’s wild foul. However, he held back his minutes and finished the game. He then went to a restaurant to eat. There he met Gerard. Even in the bathroom.


As soon as Campbell saw Gerard, he removed his pants to show the foul wounds he had inflicted. Then he showed Gerard the stud mark on his thigh. Gerard apologized for this.

The media also carried Gerard’s past interview about the incident. Gerrard said: “After the game, I went to the restaurant. The first person I bumped into was Campbell in the bathroom. He showed me his thigh. There were clear stud marks. I apologized to Campbell for the rough tackle,

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