The time to become a free agent is also perfect, the hilt to Kim Ha-seong… It won’t be long before I’m sitting on a cushion of money


Although there is a year and a half left until free agency, the energy of the jackpot is already exuding. Even if the San Diego Padres offer an extended contract, Ha-seong Kim (28) has the hilt. The timing couldn’t have been better for him to be released as a free agent. 

Kim Ha-seong played 85 of the team’s 90 games in the first half, recording a batting average of .258 (71 hits in 275 at-bats), 10 homers, 31 RBIs, 44 points, 38 walks, 73 strikeouts, 16 stolen bases, an on-base percentage of .349, a slugging percentage of .411, and an OPS of .760. . As his ability to cope with fastballs improved, all batting indicators rose noticeably. 

In defense, his special skill, he made only one error at each position as a second baseman (59 games, 52 starts, 460 innings), third baseman (18 games, 16 starts, 136⅓ innings), and shortstop (12 games, 10 starts, 94⅓ innings). 690⅔innings, 3 errors. OAA (Outs Above Average), an outcount processing metric against average, is +11, tied for first place in the entire league. 

Based on the baseball reference, even if it is a victory contribution compared to substitute players, WAR (Wins Above Replacement) is 4.1, shining in 5th place in the entire league. The value of Kim Ha-seong is also rising rapidly as he shows off his top-level contribution to the league in airlift. He has a year and a half left until he acquires free agency, but he is also interested in whether San Diego will offer an extension contract. The American’The Athletic’ also said on the 13th (Korean time),’If Ha-sung Kim continues to perform as he is now, he is likely to reject the mutual option in 2025.’ It may be possible,’ he said. 

Ha-seong Kim signed a 4+1 year contract with San Diego in January 2021 for up to $39 million. The 2025 annual salary of $7 million is a mutual option, and it is implemented only when both the club and the player agree. If even one side gives up, they receive a $2 million buyout and become a free agent. At the current pace, Ha-seong Kim has no reason to agree to a mutual option. If San Diego wants to accompany Kim Ha-seong after 2025, it is advantageous to sign an extension contract in advance. 

San Diego’s third baseman Manny Machado (11 years, $350 million through 2033), shortstop Zander Bogaerts (11 years, $280 million through 2033), and first baseman Jake Cronenworth (11 years, $280 million through 2030) ahead of this season. 7 years, 80 million dollars), and pitcher Darvish Yu (6 years, 108 million dollars until 2028) signed a large extension contract. There are many long-term contracts, including outfielder Fernando Tatis Jr. ($340 million in 14 years until 2023), which was previously signed in February 2021, so there is little space to invest a large amount in Ha-seong Kim. 

If he maintains his current performance, it is better for Kim Ha-seong to enter the FA market than to extend his contract. After the 2024 season, there is no ‘big fish’ among second basemen who qualify for free agency. There are former MVP Jose Altuve (Houston Astros), Jorge Polanco (Minnesota Twins), Brandon Drury (LA Angels), Brandon Lowe (Tampa Bay), and Glaber Torres (New York Yankees). Altuve, Polanco, and Drury are in their mid-30s, and Lowe and Torres, who are a year older or younger than Kim Ha-sung, are weak on defense. 토토사이트

If you expand the range to shortstop, there are Tim Anderson (Chicago White Sox), Willy Adames (Milwaukee Brewers), and Paul Dejon (St. Louis Cardinals) as ‘big fish’, but the rest are not outstanding. It is a situation where Kim Ha-seong, who has been proven as a full-time shortstop, can receive considerable attention. Become a FA at the right time. 

If San Diego discusses a contract extension with Kim Ha-sung, the negotiation period is expected to be the winter after the season. If a conclusion is not reached before the start of next season, there is a high possibility that he will enter the free agent market. If the current pace is maintained to some extent in the second half, the sword of the extension contract will be held by Kim Ha-seong, not the San Diego club. /

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