“The whole team came together and broke a losing streak”… ‘7 innings, 1 run’ Ace’s dignity with a good match 


“We were able to break the losing streak by uniting the entire team.”

David Buchanan started the match against SSG Landers in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 25th and pitched 7 innings, 1 run (1 earned run), 6 hits and 3 strikeouts, and won 5 wins (5 losses). .토토 가입머니 즉시지급

Buchanan threw 98 balls until the 7th inning. He mixed cutter (49 pitches), changeup (21 pitches), curveball (15 pitches), two-seam fastball (9 pitches), and four-seam fastball (4 pitches). The top speed was recorded at 151 km/h.

Buchanan allowed Choi Jeong his first hit after two outs in the bottom of the first inning, but he did not waver. He ended the inning by disposing of Guillermo Heredia on a grounder to third base. The 2nd and 3rd times were blocked with a tripartite offense. He passed the 4th inning without a major crisis.

Buchanan was put in the first crisis in the fifth inning, leading 5-0. He started by catching Choi Joo-hwan with a floating ball for center fielder and Seong-han Park with a ground ball for second baseman, but after being hit by Hanyu-seom, he threw a wild fight and was put in a crisis with 2 out and 2 base. Then Choi Jun-woo allowed a hit, and right fielder Ryu Seung-min made a catch error. Hanyu Island came home and Choi Jun-woo stepped on the third base. However, he did not concede an extra run by handling Kim Min-shik with a ground ball to the first baseman.

Buchanan faced a final crisis at the bottom of the 7th after blocking the bottom of the 6th with a tripartite. After two outs, Park Seong-han and Hanyu-seom allowed consecutive hits and became first and second base. However, after catching Choi Jun-woo with a floating ball in left field, he came down from the mound.꽁머니

Kim Tae-hoon, who came up after Buchanan, allowed 1 run (1 earned), and left-hander Lee Seung-hyun blocked the SSG lineup without conceding, and Samsung succeeded in escaping from a 5-game losing streak.

After the game, Buchanan said, “I didn’t break the losing streak because I threw well, but the whole team came together to break the losing streak.” The results seem to follow,” he said.

He added, “I made up my mind to think as simply as possible on the mound today and pitch aggressively unconditionally.” .

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