Theater Goal Overcoming Pain… “I’m grateful to be able to run” Jung Jae-hee’s spectacular return


Jung Jae-hee (Pohang Steelers), who returned from injury, smiled broadly after a spectacular comeback.

Jung Jae-hee scored a theatrical goal in the second half in the third round of the K League 1 2024 home game against Gwangju at Pohang Steel Yard on the 17th, leading Pohang to a 1-0 victory. Pohang continued its good atmosphere by winning two consecutive games, and poured cold water on Gwangju, which aimed for the first three consecutive K League 1 openings in the club’s history.

After the game, Jung Jae-hee said, “I was worried a lot because Gwangju is a popular team these days, but they prepared well. I won because they did well in what the players prepared. I feel good,” smiling.

Jeong Jae-hee, who was on the waiting list, was substituted for Kim In-sung in the 28th minute of the second half. He collaborated with Lee Ho-jae, a tall striker who stepped on the pitch together in the second half. Lee Ho-jae connected Hwang’s long goal kick with a header, and Jeong Jae-hee, who was quickly penetrating into the back space, snatched the goal with his right foot in a one-on-one situation.

He enjoyed a brief moment of joy. After finishing the game in the net, he spent time nervously on the ground. VAR became longer. It was eventually recognized as a goal, but Jeong said, “I remembered that my score was cancelled (in the match against Incheon). I didn’t think it was right for me this time, but I was worried because you watched it for a long time.”

It was an emotional return match for Jung. Jung suffered several hamstring injuries last season, which significantly reduced his chances of playing at the pitch. As soon as he recovered from his hamstring injury in October last year, he hurt himself again, completing the 2023 season as early as possible.

“It was really hard,” said Jung Jae-hee, who recalled last year when he focused on recovering from his injury. “I thought I could make it without too much effort, but if I keep trying, I will get hurt. I just kept going. It was hard for our team to win because I couldn’t be there to win.”

“I was very sensitive this year and bothered my trainers. You have a lot of stake in my return. I asked for anything, so I’m not eating flour. The support staff who struggled because of me are very strong. I’m getting treatment every day,” he thanked. 여우알바

Scoring against Gwangju was especially special for him. “I hurt myself on April 9 when it was against Gwangju last year. I was very nervous today as well. I had such (injury) thoughts. As much as I prepared well, I had no problems when I entered the stadium and I feel good that I covered up my memory with a goal,” he said.

“This season, I will not get hurt more than ‘I should do really well’ or ‘I should score a few goals.’ I am grateful to be able to play in the stadium. If I play without getting hurt, I think the results will come true,” said Jung Jae-hee after recovering from the injury.

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