“They are players who run to get money” A player who has lost to his parents’ team


Dinwiddie hurled vitriol at Washington.

The Dallas Mavericks lost 126-127 in a game against the Washington Wizards in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season held at the Dallas American Airlines Arena on the 25th (hereinafter Korean time).

Against his former team, Spencer Dinwiddie recorded 20 points and 8 assists, but could not prevent the team from losing. Dallas made a turnover in the last possession and blew away the chance to come back, and Dinwiddie, who was regretful about the loss, went straight to the locker room without saying hello to the opponents.

Dinwiddie, who joined Washington through a sign-and-trade ahead of last season, moved the team again by trade without completing one season. At the time of his joining, Dinwidge, who had been highly anticipated as a card that would fill the void left by Russell Westbrook, suffered the worst slump.

It’s not just his grades that have gone up and down.

“I wasn’t completely welcome in the locker room at the beginning of the season,” he said in an interview while in Washington. After moving to Dallas, he revealed that he had a bad feeling about Washington, saying, “We’re going to the playoffs and Washington’s going to the offseason.”

먹튀검증 After the game, Dinwiddie sniped at Washington with remarks of a fairly high level. Dinwiddie left an interview saying that Washington players play not for victory but to earn money and increase their salary, and that his team should wake up more after losing to such a team.

“Washington guys are just putting on a showcase,” Dinwiddie said. We have to do better,” he said strongly.

Looking at the current situation alone, Dallas (6th in the West) is higher than Washington (11th in the East). However, since it was said after losing the game, the public opinion of Dinwiddie’s remarks is not very good.

After moving to Dallas, Dinwiddie lost all three games against Washington. His statement that he is not trying to play basketball where his opponent wins is somewhat false.

Washington’s key player, Kyle Kuzma, responded to Dinwiddie’s comments via social media. “The interesting thing here is that they (Dallas) don’t play winning basketball,” Kuzma said with a smiley emoji, indirectly criticizing Dinwiddie for Dallas’ failure to win.

Both Washington and Dallas matches this season ended with Washington victories. In order for Dinwiddie to take revenge on Washington within this season, the only way for the two teams to reach the finals side by side.

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