‘Three victories by mistake in the clutch’ Lakers could have finished 6th in the West


The Los Angeles Lakers (hereinafter referred to as the Lakers) have lost three games due to misjudgment in clutch situations this season.

On the 29th (hereinafter Korean time), the Lakers lost to the Boston Celtics in an away game in the regular league of the 2022-23 NBA season, 125-121, by 4 points after a close game that went to overtime.

LeBron James was hit on his left wrist while laying up a layup to Jayson Tatum two seconds before the end of the fourth quarter. However, this was not called a foul call by the referee, and LeBron showed his regret by showing an angry reaction after a long time.

Referee Eric Lewis admitted to himself right after the game, before the two-minute report presented by the NBA Secretariat. “There was contact, and Paul should have called. He didn’t see the foul at the time, and we missed the play,” he explained. The 2-minute report released on the 30th also acknowledged the misjudgment of the play.

In doing so, the Lakers lost three valuable victories this season.

In the Lakers’ game against the Philadelphia 76ers on the 17th, 3 seconds before the end of the game, Joel Embiid grabbed his left wrist and stretched out while Russell Westbrook was going up for a layup. At the time, the decision was no foul, and the game ended with Philadelphia winning by 112-113, 1 point, but the 2-minute report reversed the play as a foul.

Also, in the Lakers game against the Sacramento Kings on the 20th, Russell Westbrook committed a shooting foul on Harris Barnes 40 seconds before the end of the game. This decision had a big impact on the Lakers losing by 111-116, 5 points. However, in the 2-minute report, it was recognized as a misjudgment and turned out to be a normal play. 토토사이트

Therefore, if all of the previous misjudgment led to the right heart and led to victory, the Lakers could have been 26-24 in the season. Currently, the middle ranks of the Western Conference are competing fiercely for rankings, so every game is important.

Additionally, the Golden State Warriors are 25-24 and occupy the 6th spot in the West. Accordingly, in other world lines, the Lakers might have been able to finish 6th in the West. However, the reality of the Lakers is 23-27, 13th in the West, 2.5 games away from 6th in the West.

Even in this situation, Lakers fans had one comforting distance.

It’s right on the face of the opponent the Lakers lost the game on a clutch misjudgment. First of all, the Philadelphia 76ers are a team with tremendous momentum recently with James Harden and Embiid at the 2nd place in the East. The Sacramento Kings are the third team in the West this season, and Boston is the first team in the East and the NBA overall.

This proves that the Lakers are not at all behind the teams at the top of the league. Therefore, if the Lakers can spend the remaining first half and second half schedule well, they expect to be able to show good performance in the playoff stage.

Meanwhile, the Lakers will face Brooklyn at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, USA today (31st).

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