Throwing 282 pitches in the quarterfinals and semifinals… 9 innings, 173 pitches, complete win, advanced to the Koshien finals, 3rd grade right-hander in high school “It wasn’t hard to train with the determination to die in the winter”


Despite the murderous heat wave, the starting pitcher completed 173 pitches. The professional baseball game is a Japanese high school baseball game.

On the 29th, the high school baseball championship (Summer Koshien) Toyama Regional Preliminary Final was held at the Toyama Municipal Stadium in Toyama Prefecture. Right-hander Kaito Ueda, the captain and ace of Toyama Commercial High School, started the match against Toyama Northern High School and won a complete game with 3 runs in 9 innings.

However, the number of pitches is 173. The game started at 1 p.m.

Ueda, who overcame the bases loaded crisis in the eighth inning with one run, took the mound in the ninth inning and ended the game. Toyama Sanggo, who steadily used chances from the beginning to accumulate points, won 7-3.

Ueda said, “The people around me encouraged me to throw as much as I wanted to because it was okay to score points without sacrificing the bases.

Toyama Commercial High School advanced to the finals of the 17th Summer Koshien for the first time in nine years since 2014. Toyama Bukbu High, which has good offensive power, was pushed back by Ueda’s counterattack even after sending out runners every inning. They tried to advance to the finals for the first time in 54 years since 1969, but failed.

According to Japanese media, Ueda threw a total of 282 pitches in the quarterfinals and two semifinals to participate in the finals. The semi-finals were held on the 27th, two days before.

No matter how much he pretends to have fulfilled his responsibilities as an ace, his schedule and number of pitches will be talked about overworking in the heat. It is said that this was the first game that Ueda allowed more than two runs.먹튀검증

Ueda said in a media interview after the game, “I was not tired because I practiced with the determination to die in the winter. I am grateful to my teammates for being able to come this far.”

The Summer Koshien, which celebrated its 105th this year, is a dream stage where the best Japanese high school baseball team participates. The 49 teams that won the preliminaries from 47 prefectures in Japan (Tokyo from east and west, Hokkaido from 2 north and south regions) will participate. This year, a group lottery will be held on August 3, and it will be held for 17 days, starting on August 6 at Nishinomiya Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture.

Last year, Sendai Ikuei Gakuen (Miyagi) defeated Shimonoseki International High School (Yamaguchi) to win the championship.

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