Tottenham that Postecoglou wants… why he’s on the project


Coach Anji Postecoglou hopes Tottenham Hotspur will be the last stop for young and talented players. That’s why he participates in the project at Tottenham.

British ‘The Athletic’ said, “Coach Postecoglou hopes Tottenham will be the best destination for talented young players. He wants the best talents in football to be the preferred team,” adding that Postecoglou wants Tottenham to be a team that young players want to transfer to.

“Lucas Beribal chose Tottenham over Barcelona, and Radu Dragudo also rejected Bayern Munich’s offer to come to Tottenham.” Postecoglou explained, “I hope the players will choose Tottenham to develop just as Beribal and Dragusin decided to go to Tottenham, considering Destiny Udogi, Pape Sarr, and Mickey Pantherpen, who are having a successful season.”

As the media explained, young players are shining in Tottenham this season. Among the players mentioned, Udo-ki and Panderpen are indispensable players in Tottenham’s defense this season, and they are playing at the core of Sardo’s midfield. Young players are likely to be motivated by players who are considering going to Tottenham.

It was also clear why Beribal and Dragousin chose Tottenham. Beribal is said to be fascinated by Tottenham’s environment, and Dragousin chose to move to Tottenham because he thought he had more opportunities to play as a main player at Tottenham than Munich. Many factors are attracting young and talented players to Tottenham.

This is the ideal Tottenham side that Postecoglou wants. “Anyone who has watched Tottenham since I came to Tottenham would have seen the aspiration to be the team that everyone wants. We are not just talking, we are actually doing that,” Postecoglou said. “We are trying to be a team that everyone wants to join.

In addition, Postecoglou said, “We are not complete, but we are giving opportunities to young players. Udo-ki, Sarr, and Panderpen are players in their early 20s, but they are all already important roles,” pointing out that he is giving young players enough opportunities at Tottenham.

Coach Postecoglou wanted Tottenham to be a team with talented players like the players mentioned. And he thought that in order for those players to play for Tottenham, they needed to make Tottenham a team that players wanted to play for. 월카지노

He said, “We want us to be the club preferred by talented young players. There are not many hidden gems around. Everyone knows which players have talent. We want to have something differentiated of our own,” adding that talented players are limited and Tottenham needs something unique to attract such players.

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