Utah seeks naming rights after discussing trade with Collins


According to Yahoo Sports reporter Jake Fisher, Utah discussed a trade for John Collins (forward-center, 206cm, 103kg) from the Atlanta Hawks.

Utah will trade Malik Beasley and Jared Vanderbilt for Collins from Atlanta. However, it was confirmed that Utah is seeking a first-round pick in the future.

Because Collins is tied to a long-term contract. Utah is weighing on getting his contract, so it appears they’re trying to claim the pick. It is understood that Atlanta was also aiming for this point because they have to relieve the contract of Collins during this season if possible. 온라인카지노

Utah has been pushed into the bottom ranks after a good start in the season. We are not putting weight on this season’s performance right now because we are in the middle of a major reconstruction. He has let go of all four starters he led the team through last season, and is expected to trade Mike Conley and Jordan Clarkson.

Considering the question of how effective the Conley-Clarkson trade attempt will be, but considering the discussions with Atlanta over Collins, it is clear that they are definitely putting more weight on securing the pick. Utah has already let go of its existing strategy and secured a number of draft picks, but it’s looking for more picks if possible.

It is predicted that Utah will reorganize its lines over time rather than proceeding with reconstruction quickly. You can get nomination rights that you can use right away. Although the salary cap is saturated, it is far from the luxury tax line, and if you send Beasley and Vanderbilt, there is no problem even if you get a contract from Collins.

Collins signed a new contract with Atlanta in the summer of 2021. Atlanta put him on a five-year, $125 million contract. There is a player option in the final year of his contract, and up to four years remain including this season. Considering the remaining contracts, not many teams want to receive him.

For reference, Atlanta looked into the Collins trade last season as well. He hoped for his trade less than a season after signing. With the addition of Dizonte Murray this time, Collins’ position has decreased significantly. Atlanta’s trade timing is also proceeding at a time when his value was considerably low.

Clearly, Atlanta is in a more urgent position. If you don’t let Collins out like this, the cost compared to grades is too much. Accordingly, Atlanta is also in a hurry to trade him. However, it is a situation where he is hesitant to use the nomination rights to relieve his contract. Finding contact is not easy.

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