“We need a change in Jeonbuk” Petrescu, who asked for a breakup first, was the last of the Romanian hero, who was proud!


I walked through the thorny path, but the end of “Romania Legend” was “cool” and proud.
However, Coach Petrescu (57) has given up the baton to Jeonbuk Hyundai. The team announced on Tuesday that he has resigned for the sake of his team’s future after feeling responsible for the team’s sluggish performance. He has voluntarily resigned, not replaced.

The away game (0-2 loss) of the fifth round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” against Jeju United on Thursday was a farewell game for Petrescu, who took office in June last year, and he had the disgrace of leading only the fewest games since the opening of the season after the promotion system was introduced to the K League. The previous record was held by Incheon United coach Jon Andersen, who stepped down after seven games in the opening of the 2019 season.

This prediction is expected to some extent. At the helm in the second half of last year, the team ranked fourth in the K-League 1, and even the Korea Cup was in second place. Jeonbuk had its first “irrelevant” season in 10 years, but things got twisted from the beginning of this year as well. It failed to advance to the semifinals of the AFC Champions League (ALC) in the 2023-2024 season, losing to Ulsan HD, and had no win (three draws and two losses) in the opening five consecutive games in the K-League 1.

The breakup with head coach Petrescu, who failed to report victory for eight games, was a foregone step, but the club had a lot of concerns. In particular, if the club notifies the replacement, the financial burden such as remaining annual salary and penalty will increase.

Petrescu made the decision. After agonizing over skipping meals after finishing his away match in Jeju, he asked Lee Do-hyun for a meeting before his team’s recovery training on Friday. After an hour-long conversation, he expressed his resignation. The gist was that “the team needs a change. It’s right for me to leave.” Rumor has it that he implied a breakup, saying to the players at the locker room meeting, “You guys don’t have to struggle. They fought really well.” 고소득알바

Since then, the process has progressed fast. After finishing his team’s training on Friday morning, he met with Lee again and agreed to separate him. The players first encountered the coach’s stance. Still staying at the club house as his personal affairs were not organized yet, Petrescu cared about the team until the end. He refused to participate in the sixth round home game against Gangwon FC that took place at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on Tuesday, and did not leave his room to minimize accidental contact with the players. His final decision was not shabby by any means, as he made a courageous decision when he was very tired and depressed.

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