Will the myth of ‘ghost folk’ disappear… ‘shoulder sprain → triceps inflammation’ NYM Senga postpones its return again


New York Mets Japanese pitcher Senga Godai is far from returning. Following the shoulder injury, the return was delayed again due to triceps inflammation.

Local media including ESPN reported on Thursday (Korea Standard Time) the news of Cenga’s triceps inflammation by quoting Mets manager Carlos Mendoza. An MRI was performed and the inflammation was found during the process.

“I will take a break for about three to five days before I get my checkup,” Mendoza said. “I observed everything from my shoulder to my elbow. The good news is just inflammation. I hope I get better after the injection. We knew we would have to take some time and we are dealing with it now.” It is not a worrisome level.

Senga, a rising star of the Japanese pro baseball Softbank Hawks, became a free agent after 224 games (1089 innings, 87 wins, 44 losses, one save, 20 holds, and an ERA of 2.59). He signed a five-year, 75 million-dollar contract last year and became a member of the Mets.

Despite many concerns, Senga made a soft landing in the Major League. In his first year since his debut, Senga has recorded 12 wins and seven losses with a 2.98 ERA and 202 strikeouts in 166 ⅓ innings in 29 games. With his surprising winning shot of “ghost folk” in the Major League, Senga has emerged as a pitcher representing the Mets.

In the first year of his debut, he was selected as an All-Star, ranked second in the National League Rookie of the Year voting, and seventh in the Cy Young Award voting, raising expectations for his future performance. 메이저놀이터

However, he was put on the injured list due to a sprained right shoulder during the spring camp preparing for this season. Although the surgery did not lead to him, he did not touch the ball and focused on recovering from the injury, including a self-serum injection after March.

In order to improve the pitching mechanism, which was in the process of rehabilitation, he tried to dispel the evil spirits of his injury by slowing down the pace of rehabilitation and starting live pitching until the end of April. However, due to another injury, the timing of his return is expected to be delayed further.

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