Yankees, who were properly stabbed in the back by Rodon, are interested in recruiting Snell, a “Boras customer again.”


The Yankees are interested in Snell.

Major League Baseball’s official website MLB.com said on January 5 (Korea Standard Time) that the New York Yankees are interested in recruiting Blake Snell.

The Yankees made all-out efforts to recruit Yoshinobu Yamamoto this winter, but failed. Yamamoto had been focusing on the LA Dodgers from the beginning, but he wore the Dodgers uniform.

MLB.com noted that the Yankees, who missed Yamamoto, are considering recruiting Snell. Snell is the most ideal candidate in a situation where a pitcher is needed to lead the rotation with Gerrit Cole.

Snell, who won the National League Cy Young Award in 2023 and became the winner of the two major league Cy Young Awards, is an outstanding pitcher despite his ups and downs. Snell, who debuted with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2016 and played for Tampa Bay and the San Diego Padres for eight years, pitched a total of 191 games and 992.2 innings, recording 71-55 with a 3.20 ERA.

Except for the two seasons that he won the Cy Young Award, however, his performances are hardly considered “top-tier.” In the 2018 season, he won 180.2 innings in 31 games, 21 wins and five losses, and an earned run average of 1.89, winning the American League Cy Young Award with multiple wins and the No. 1 earned run average, while last year, he won the Cy Young Award with 180 innings in 32 games, 14 wins and nine losses and an earned run average of 2.25, ranking first in the overall ERA in the Major League. However, other than these two seasons, he has neither won 10 games nor achieved any stipulated innings.

If the Yankees recruit Snell, they will have both Cy Young Award winners in the 2023 season. In the American League, Cole won the Cy Young Award unanimously last year.

Snell’s agent is Scott Boras. Snell is a pitcher whose weaknesses are evident as well as his strengths, but Boras is likely to demand a hefty amount of money citing last year’s performance. For the Yankees, who already have “vicious contract candidates” such as Giancarlo Stanton and Carlos Rodón, this is the most important factor to be wary of. 마카오카지노

The Yankees were particularly seriously hurt by Rodon last year. Rodon, who had a brilliant injury career, was hired with a six-year, $162 million contract after just two seasons in 2021-2022, but Rodon was injured since last year’s spring camp and left a disastrous 6.85 ERA in 14 games. Rodon’s agent is Boras, too.

The Yankees are also interested in other starting pitchers such as Jordan Montgomery and Shota Imana. Attention is focusing on what choice the Yankees will make.

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