“Your clothes have gotten a lot bigger.” Kim Hyun-soo, who came back after losing weight, is determined to do an amazing job


“Last year, we won the championship and buried a lot. That’s how much we prepared for off-season.”

He is a famed pullback in the baseball community. He is no match for any player in training. He always swings the bat regardless of season, offseason or camp. The intensity of his weight training is unmatched. He dreams of a career-high season every year without knowing what he is satisfied with. This is the story of Kim Hyun-soo, 36, a veteran outfielder of LG.

He had a particularly harsh off-season. He lost enough weight to reveal his weight loss at a glance. As if he were a rookie, he departed from the Arizona Spring Camp at Incheon International Airport on the 30th. He always lost weight in every off-season, but he has not changed much.

“I couldn’t exercise much last year because I hurt my back. I think I lost a lot of fat this time. I changed how I eat. That’s why I lost a lot of weight,” Kim said with a smile. “My clothes got bigger. I think I’ve never lost this much weight. Even I’m surprised.”

He is not satisfied with the reduction. The real task is not reduction but performance. The most important thing is to catch two birds with one stone: individual and team performance. The batting average in 2023 is 0.286 with six homers and 88 RBIs, and the figure is not bad for an average player, but the figure is low based on the standard of left-handed hitter Kim Hyun-soo, who represents the KBO League.

Looking back on last year, Kim Hyun-soo said, “I lost a lot because I won. I didn’t do well, but my teammates treated me well and the team won. That’s how much I prepared for the off-season,” adding, “I was so bad last year that even a little more this year will be an upgraded season.” The coach set a goal, but I think it would be really good if it just goes the way it is. The goal of the coach is actually a record that is ridiculous. But I will also try hard and challenge myself.”

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop conveyed his New Year’s resolutions to key players including Kim. His goal is to achieve a batting average of 0.330 or higher. He has recorded the batting average in the late 20s for the past three years since his batting average of 0.331 in 2020, and his goal is to regain precision. His career-high batting average is 0.362, which he recorded in 2018, his first year in LG, but when he reaches the goal set by the head coach, he expects his team to naturally increase its RBIs and win the game.”

“The hitters in front of me are the best in the league. They are made up of the best hitters in the league. They are also fast. I didn’t get to eat that much last year, but I still had a lot of RBIs,” Kim said. “From now on, if I pick up and eat well, of course I will get more RBIs. If I hit a batting average of 0.330 or higher, I will get a lot more RBIs.” 토토사이트

There is also a boon of restricting shifts. Over the past few years, balls that were hit well were caught in shifts and often ended up hitting errors. “Wouldn’t it be psychologically comfortable? When a hit was caught, I often became passive without realizing it. I tried to look at the ball more accurately and hit it, but the count flocked to it. It will have a psychological effect,” he said.

As usual, camp is a period of intense training. “It is my constant routine to hit as many times as possible. I will do that again this year,” said Kim, who comes out of the camp from early morning and trains individually. “We are the defending champions, but I think it is more difficult to keep than to advance. To protect, we have to become stronger. We have to achieve the upgrade that the coach said. I think I will go down to the bottom as soon as I feel proud,” Kim said in expressing his commitment to win consecutive championships.

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