‘Zecca’ Kim Gun-woo, who regrets Gen.G’s match “As for AD support, Keria and Jin were the most difficult”


“I will work hard until I reach the top spot.”

On the 4th, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, in the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’, DRX vs. Hanwha Life Insurance took place.

On this day, Hanwha Life took DRX and achieved 3 wins of the season. If the game was given up due to excessive diving in the first set, the atmosphere was raised by bursting the game from the front line in the second and third sets.

In this match as well, “Zekka” Gun-woo Kim’s Akali shone. After carrying the second set hard, he said in an interview with Xports News after the game, “I wanted to win more because it was my family’s team, but I am satisfied with the win.”

Regarding the confrontation with ‘Beril’ Joon-hee, he confessed, “It was very difficult because he had a wide champ and used sapa picks often. He kept coming to the midfield and attacking.”

In addition, he said, “I had a lot of regrets and anxiety during the losing streak, but I think it’s all an experience and now that I’m in the process of winning a streak, I’ll do my best to continue the streak.”

The following is the full text of the interview with ‘Zecca’ Kim Gun-woo.

You defeated DRX and won your 3rd season. First of all, how do you feel about winning?

Because it was my family’s team, I wanted to win more. I am satisfied with winning in the end.

I also showed off the DRX seal during the

game, and I like to wear the opposing team’s seal whenever I play. This time, there was DRX’s seal of victory. Since I won the championship, I deserved it, so I tried it on.

This is the first two consecutive wins this season. Do you think you’ve gained momentum?

Confidence is important in our team’s style. It was also disappointing to lose 3 times in a row, but I built a winning streak through it and I think it will work better now.

Following the T1 match, you picked Draven again in the 1st and 3rd sets. What are your thoughts on the Draven pick?

I don’t think there is an AD that’s good at duven. However, the Viper player writes very well and is good at it. It’s a really good pick if Deven uses it well. The mid lane seems to have improved by itself since they greatly benefited from laning with Duven.

The first set of dives made the game difficult. Any feedback?

In the process of losing so far, I lost because I was not too bold, but in the first set, it was too much. We lost with a cool bot dive, but rather than the opponent doing well, we lost because of our mistakes. We talked a lot about that part.

I almost gave up the game after winning all 3 sets. Weren’t you embarrassed?

I should have won during the three-dragon fight, but I slipped. Still, since I was Kassadin, I thought I could win in the second half and worked hard.

It’s been a long time since I faced Beryl, who won Worlds together. have you met

Beryl had a wide range of champs and often used sapa picks during the ban-picking process, so it was very difficult. They kept coming to the midfield and attacking. (laughs)

I’m spending the spring with new players. How is team breathing right now?

I am still growing in terms of breathing and communication. Our team just needs to ride the momentum. I think it will get better as I am gaining momentum through my winning streak.

What is the most regrettable game you’ve ever lost?

It’s a pity that Zenji did. I almost won, but I lost. I played Kassadin back then, but there were many things I was disappointed with. My mental went out because of this defeat. Still, our grandparents gathered the team members and had time to express their dissatisfaction. I calmed down by talking about my inner thoughts, and I think I prepared well for the T1 match. 안전놀이터

The next match is Brion. Brion is a formidable opponent. Are you prepared?

Brion ranks higher than us. It is a team with good form and good team chemistry. I guess I shouldn’t be careless.

Recently, various supporters’ picks are coming out. Who is the most demanding or disliked supporter?

I don’t feel much of a midra, but I hate true supporters. It was used by Keria during the T1 match, and I often hear it in the mid. I hit the W so well that I couldn’t concentrate because I was conscious of it. Still, only good players should use such one-deal support.

There are many outstanding midfielders. What rank do you think you are currently?

I always say this is the mid team ranking. We will work hard until we reach number 1.

Last thing I want to say

: We had a lot of regrets and anxiety during the losing streak, but I think of it as experience and now that we are in the process of winning, we will do our best to continue the winning streak.

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