1st in innings, 2nd in ERA… Even after 20 wins, the value of Alcantara remains the same.


Raul Alcantara (30, Doosan Bears) started against the Busan Lotte Giants on the 4th and allowed 4 runs in 7 innings, recording his 6th loss (11th win) of the season. The batting line recorded the first run in the first inning, but it was the result of driving in four runs right in the bottom of the first inning.

The defeat on this day made it somewhat difficult to recreate the glory of three years ago. In 2020, Alcantara won the most wins and most wins with 20 wins and 2 losses. In the games he appeared in, Doosan had 24 wins, 6 losses, and 1 draw (80% win rate). It was literally a symbol of victory.

This year is a little different. In the games in which he pitched, Doosan’s winning rate was only 56% (14 wins, 11 losses). Although they quickly achieved 10 wins, including finishing the first half with 9 wins and 3 losses, they only achieved 1 win and 2 losses in 6 games since August. Doosan’s batting

lineup The biggest reason is that it was not up to par in 2020. In addition, Alcantara’s personal performance also faltered somewhat. After the LG Twins game on July 28, the average ERA was 3.28 and the number of home runs per 9 innings was 1.16. They are still at a respectable level, respectively. It was worse than before, when it recorded 2.00 and 0.56. It is difficult to guarantee that he will achieve 15 wins, let alone 20, during the remaining schedule. Alcantara cannot be devalued just because he has few

individual wins. He is still the top ace in the KBO league this season. The best. The 155 km/h fastball is also the same as it was three years ago, and the ERA of 2.37 is the second-highest overall record behind Eric Peddie (NC Dinos, 2.28).

Innings are a more meaningful record than ERA. As of the 4th, Alcantara is ranked first in this category with 159 and 1/3 innings. There is quite a difference with 2nd place Ariel Jurado (Kiwoom, 155 and 2/3 innings), and the gap with the second place is more than 10 innings. With a total number of pitches of 2,453, he also ranked first, beating Jurado (2,401 pitches) and David Buchanan (Samsung Lions, 2,394 pitches).토스카지노

Alcantara was already a proven innings eater in 2020. He was buried because his 20-win record was highlighted, but in the regular season at the time, he played 198 and two-thirds innings (second place) and threw 3,144 pitches (third place). He also went 6 innings or more in 20 of 25 games this year. There were only two games in April that lasted less than 5 innings. For Doosan, whose player base has become thinner in both the bullpen and the starting lineup, Alcantara’s presence is a huge factor.

The same goes for the Lotte match on the 4th. Doosan’s schedule was rearranged due to rain and will play 9 consecutive games, including a double header, over 8 days from the Lotte game on the 3rd to the Samsung game on the 10th. The management of the pitching staff was a problem, but thanks to Alcantara’s 7 innings, the bullpen ended the game on the 4th with only Lee Young-ha (1 inning) exhausted. 

Manager Lee Seung-yeop praised him on the 5th, saying, “Alcantara was the losing pitcher, but he pitched very well after giving up 4 runs in the first inning. He was able to save the pitcher that much. He was able to give his all in the game afterward.” As coach Lee said, the record is only one loss, but there is added hope for the remaining games. Thanks to the inning eater ace.

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